Take Your Best Shot

On the cusp of another new year, it’s hard to imagine where the last 365 days could have possibly gone, no matter how thoroughly they were lived. Reflecting back on 2013, the temptation to sum up all of the most brilliant aspects into one neat little package is high, and yet the results always feel inauthentic at best. Who can really quantify the “best” of anything when there are so many muddled moments inextricably mixed in? What was your favorite recipe? Your most rewarding project? Your greatest victory? Even as I reflect back, pouring over the contents of my hard drive and all the fine details lost to a poor memory, I struggle to find answers.

Lest this sound too morose, fear not! It was a banner year for me, an excellent and joyous year overall, filled with greater successes and stronger friendships than I could have ever hoped for when the clock struck midnight 52 weeks ago. I just know that I could never do all of those things justice though a top-ten list or whirlwind round up, forced out at the last minute.

Instead, I find myself drawn back of course to a more recent event, still fresh in mind, that points to new possibilities in the future. Car photography is not a niche I ever considered, not once, and would have never even attempted without the prompts of a homework assignment. Despite all my misgivings, the results remain one of my top photos- A shock, considering that for once, there’s absolutely no food involved!

With that, I look to the future, planning to explore this new world of possibilities further, along with all the other tasty ventures that have serve my camera (and stomach) so well thus far. Let’s not wrap everything up and tuck it away on a high shelf, starting again with a clean slate. Take all those experiences and move forward with them, stronger, wiser, better prepared for 2014. May it be the best year yet, only to be topped by its successor.

12 thoughts on “Take Your Best Shot

  1. I just KNOW that you’ll have tons of success in 2014 – just as you definitely did in 2013 :) And my family and I are glad we got to see you in 2013! Here’s to great things to come in the new year.

  2. Awesome image Hannah! Branching out is a fantastic way to learn more about your craft and I bet there is a packet of mints (at least) in that glovebox ;)

    1. Ah ha, good call… I do always travel with a granola bar in the center console in case of emergencies. Whew, thank goodness it still might have something (sort of) to do with food! No wonder the photo came so naturally. ;)

      1. It is an amazingly good image by the way. Steve said “is she someone who takes advertising photo’s of cars?” so it must look pretty shmick to him ;)

  3. Wow, this could be a magazine car ad! Fantastic to know that your photography skills transcend food – you never know where that will take you! Cheers to another great year Hannah!

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