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Bits and Bobs, Odds and Sods


Spring is historically a time of fevered activity, as all walks of life resiliently bound back into productivity after winter and its oppressive cold has receded. Never before has this been quite so clear for me, so personally applicable, as this particular stretch of 2013. For all the craziness, it’s hard to believe that we’re still in the thick of it, not yet at summer’s doorstep. This isn’t to complain, though; Being happily occupied for the past few months has been a dream come true, yielding greater rewards through more satisfying work. On that note, you’ll soon be able to see the fruits of that labor in a few upcoming magazines…

Such as the July/August 2013 issue of VegNews Magazine! My thrice yearly column, My Sweet Vegan, is back yet again, this time with a few sweet sips in tow. Boba tea has been a growing craze, sweeping across the nation like wildfire. Though most mainstream options use some questionable additives, not the least of which being dry milk powder, the best way to ensure boba bliss is to take the reins and make it at home. Offering Creamsicle, Chai, and Coconut flavor variations, you’ll have plenty of refreshing options to help you keep your cool.

Now available both in the US and in Canada, the summer edition of Allergic Living is packed full of vegan-friendly inspiration as per usual, crowned by Alisa Fleming‘s irresistible ice cream recipes. No one needed to ask me twice if I wanted to take this photography assignment. Scooping up simple, dairy-free takes on Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream, Alisa also goes in-depth on how to make the most decadent sundae imaginable. The above photo was an outtake, but one of my favorites to style… And eat later.

Finally, though not printed or published, another photo of mine has been featured in an exciting way. My Mujaddara Onigiri photo is in the running to win a trip to Thailand! Hosted by Village Harvest Rice, it’s all a popularity contest now, so pardon my periodic reminders to please vote every 24 hours, and spread the word! Your efforts are not only greatly appreciated but beneficial: Just imagine all of the photos and stories I would come back with to share.


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

20 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs, Odds and Sods

  1. Best of luck, Hannah. I read good things about your food styling abilities. :-)



  2. Such great news on many fronts! Thank you for sharing. Those pictures are just stunning!


  3. Yay column! Boba tea certainly is a thing–my knitting group is even named after it. Yes! Strange but true. :)


  4. COngrats on your photo being in the running to win! that’s so exciting! Doesn’t surprise me:) Your photos are always stunnign!


  5. Bubble tea! Luckily there are several places in DC that offer vegan versions. My favorite is Kogibow!
    Also, that sundae is making me hungry! Gummy bears are one of my favorite candies!


  6. Congrats! These are some good pictures!


  7. Good luck my friend, your photos I am sure, are going to win!



  8. The picture is also very appetizing! Congrats with it all! All of your tasty recipes rock!!!!! :) xxx


  9. yay for boba! I can’t wait to see your recipes!


  10. A side note: where can we get vegan gummy bears?!


  11. Congrats on all the achievement. :) I love boba milk tea but never attempt to make them at home. I make milk tea all the time. Guess I should get my hands on making boba pearls as well.


  12. Congratulations! Sounds like lots of great things have been happening for you this Spring! I am going to vote for your photo right now, good luck!


  13. Congrats Hannah! hope to hear some good news from you soon! Your photos are ever so lovely!


  14. I am definitely going to have to pick up this copy of VegNews. Creamsicle bubble tea?! That sounds awesome!


  15. Awesome work as always, good luck on the contest! :-)


  16. those Boba tea glasses look so crisp and refreshing. i need to whip some this summer for sure!


  17. Oh good luck in the contest my dear!! I am voting for you!


  18. Havent had boba tea in so long. Thanks for the reminder. I like the idea of the creamsicle one.


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