A Whole Latte Love

It was a risky move, alright. Introducing a new vegan creamer on top of your existing vegan creamer doesn’t strike me as the most sound business plan, but So Delicious boldly dropped their new “Barista-Style” coffee whitener a few months ago, undeterred. Reportedly better for steaming and frothing to create more authentic lattes, I had to admit, I was curious. Given the opportunity to check them out for myself, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Now, I’m no barista. I bought myself a charming refurbished espresso machine about 10 years ago with ambitions of learning its steamy ways. Shamefully, it hasn’t seen the light of day since. This job calls for professional purveyors of caffeine. Marching down to Port Coffeehouse with creamer in hand, this would be the ultimate test. Clearly, they must get their fair share of crazy customers, because Jerry kindly tolerated my crazy request, even allowing multiple lattes to get that perfect picture:

It was a thing of beauty, topped with a classic fern design etched into the thick crema. One sip and I was hooked- An avowed black coffee drinker all my life, I finally understood the hype behind the latte. Far from being just a fluffy dessert-like drink, this cuppa was rich, comforting, and strangely satisfying. The Original Barista-Style Creamer is completely unsweetened, which suited my tastes perfectly. Not a hint of coconut flavor made it into the mug, so there was nothing to distract from the deep, roasted flavor of the beans. For those with a sugar craving, the Vanilla Barista-Style Creamer does bear a balanced hint of sweetness, along with a subtle vanilla essence. An excellent addition to specialty coffee drinks, or just the morning cup of Joe, I can understand why So Delicious took the unconventional route of adding a second dairy-free creamer to their lineup.

Lucky for you, I happen to have two freebie coupons for any So Delicious product, and I would love to spread the coconut love around. If you’re interested in trying their new creamers, tell me about what kind of drink (or anything else, if you’re feeling creative) you would make with it, and if you’re planning on snapping up something else (Ice cream? Yogurt?) tell me about it! Be sure to leave a comment with you name and a valid email address in the appropriate boxes before May 20th at midnight EST. I’ll update this post and email the winners shortly thereafter.

UPDATE: That’s all folks! The entry period is over and the random number generator has spoken.

Our winner today is commenter number 50: Amy Tong! Congratulations Amy, you’ll be hearing from me shortly. To everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to snag a freebie or two, since there are more giveaways to come…

52 thoughts on “A Whole Latte Love

  1. I’d love to try it in my milk frother. I already buy their ice cream and wonderful dark chocolate bars, so I’m excited to try a new product.

  2. With summer just around the corner, I’m thinking about an iced latte! I have some of the coconut mini ice cream sandwiches in my freezer right now, OH YUM!!!

  3. Lately I have been into Chai Tea Lattes and this new product would be FANTASTIC in that drink.

  4. I would take it over to my father in-law’s house and get him to make me a cappuccino. He has the coffee machines and is always wiling to try new things. I would also add it to my chai tea.

  5. I will be trying this for the first time. I would definitely put it in my morning coffee.

  6. I love my Lattes and have been waiting not so patiently for this version. I currently use a variety of So Delicious Products. I do love the standard Coconut Creamer, but want to make Lattes at home and Chai Tea Lattes.

  7. Rooibos tea latte! I’d love to try this..I don’t like sweetened creamers so this sounds like the right creamer for me.

  8. I wish to have this new creamer! I am a coffee addict and have struggled to find that perfect base for my lattes since going dairy free. I would do the exact same thing as you, march straight into my local coffee shop, creamer in hand, and beg them to make me as beautiful a latte as yours was!

  9. thanks for the review! I actually snatched this up immediately when I first saw it at my Whole Foods.. haven’t tried it yet but now I’m even more excited!

    but I’m also in love with their new line of almond milk ice creams, butter pecan is omg good.. I would definitely buy some more of those :)

  10. Ok so I might not be able to enter…I might not be able to get that wonderful creation here in Northern Tas where tofu is considered a step too far…but you girl, are a saleswoman extrordinaire! I am going to start saving up to visit the U.S. I am adding it to my bucket list. My son has a Texan partner and he is heading to the U.S. this Christmas and has been telling me all about how amazing the food is over there (well cheap and HUGE ;) ) and you know what? I think you should be working for a travel agents because that latte just sold me all the way to the U.S.!

    1. Yes yes, someday soon you need to come over here, or these goodies need to make their way over to you! Okay, forget that- I think both should happen ASAP! You would certainly have a place to crash on the east coast. :)


      1. Cheers Hannah but I wouldn’t expect to stay with online mates in the U.S. Apparently accommodation is very cheap over there (according to my son who was amazed at how cheap it was) cheers for the wonderful offer though :)

      2. It would be great to meet you though…one of those moments where you meet someone actually ON the red carpet :)

  11. Oh, most definitely a cappuccino. I would love a nondairy Capp that is also non-sweetened!

  12. I love a small splash of milk in my coffee, so I would definitely give it a shot there. But I feel like coffee creamer has so many other potentials like caramels or pastry cream?

  13. I use So Delicious coconut milk creamer in my coffee and really enjoy it, this sounds even better though! I’d love to try it. Do you know where to purchase it? The regular creamer isn’t stocked at most markets so I imagine this will also be hard to find. Whole foods is the only store I know always carries it.
    Does the new creamer have carrageenan in it? The other kind does so I hope they left it out of this version!

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s available at Whole Foods now as well, and may very well branch out to more mainstream grocery stores in the near future. It’s still very new and I know that it takes a while for products to reach various markets, so it’s hard to say just yet. Unfortunately, the Barista-style creamers do include carrageenan as well, but it’s the second to last ingredient, if that helps any.

  14. I would use it in my usual Sunday morning pot of tea instead of my usual Trader Joe’s non-dairy creamer. This sounds like it would make a perfect, creamy cup.

  15. Hannah did you take a class to learn how to make those pretty decorator leaf designs? How beautiful. I like the fact that your coffee does not taste like coconut or distract from your your morning cup of Joe. Have a super day. Take Care, BAM

  16. That latte is gorgeous! I am a black coffee drinker too, but do love lattes. As much as I want to try this creamer, no stores near me sell So Delicious anymore. I used to be able to get it at Wal-Mart but no longer. :-(

  17. I might try it out with thai tea/coffee as I have yet to find a good creamer/condensed vegan milk for those. I would also pick up some ice cream for Neal :-) I’m so impressed with your coffee art. Sheesh, girl, is there anything you can’t do? ;-)

  18. Oh, with the coupons I would buy one of each of the new Barista-Style Creamers! To compare and contrast.? A latte tasting session sounds divine.

  19. I am so excited to try these! I’ve been pretty unenthused with vegan creamers so far but I think this could be “the one”.

  20. As a latte lover (chai tea lattes are my favourite), I can only imagine how good this creamer would be. But I’m afraid to ask how long it’ll take until it’s available in Canada!

  21. I’m on a mega ice cream kick, so I would definitely use the coupon to continue in my quest to Eat All The So Delicious Things. xoo

  22. I’ve never met a creamer I liked…well actually that’s not true, unsweetened mimicreme is pretty good, or I just use homemade cashew cream. This sounds nice though! Also that’s so awesome that coffee shop made you a latte with your own creamer, ha ha! And there really is nothing I love more than a good latte, though I might try to make it with rooibos because that’s all hip these days.

  23. I love to use creamer in cocktails – some Amaretto, some Southern Comfort, and topped of with creamer. Mmm!

  24. I use a little stovetop espresso maker I brought home from Italy, and though I usually go for americanos, lattes are special weekend treats! This looks perfect!

  25. I think the creamer would work well with my homemade chai tea. I make a concentrate with spices and water and tea, then put an ounce in the bottom of a cup, add a little no-dairy milk and fill the cup with water and microwave–sweeten with stevia.

  26. This sounds really good…I have used soy milk when do not have milk…and really like, so coconut milk would be the next to try :)
    Hope you are having a great week Hannah!

  27. Would definitely use this to make a latte–so nice to have more options of non-dairy, non-soy creamers! And I love their chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

  28. I’d love to try it out with some cold pressed coffee. I’m already a fan of their regular creamer and the ice cream and the yogurt…. LOL

  29. I would definitely use the creamer for my morning coffee and for an evening cup of tea.

  30. this creamer would solve my problem of visiting friends.. just carry the creamer around and add to the coffee:)

  31. Oh, I love that classic fern design too! So pretty. I love coconut milk but never try this creamer version. I’ll definitely put it to the test and stir it with my favorite cup of joe in the morning. Then, I’ll go on the adventure and make some coconut pudding for dessert. :P

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  32. First off, this is my favorite creamer we use at my coffee shop. It is delicious. I just want to say for clarity, this is a SWEETENED drink. In the ingredients there is dried cane syrup and the serving size is 1 tbsp. With a latte you use about 9oz of coconut creamer. That means there are about 18 servings in a latte.

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