Still Coconuts for So Delicious

Summer may be winding down, as evidenced by countless back-to-school sales if nothing else, but ice cream season never ends. Even when I’m not churning my own, there’s always a backup “emergency” pint or two in the freezer, standing by for any unexpected guests… Or cravings. So Delicious frequently occupies that frost-covered spot, hidden behind stiff bags of frozen peas and berries to protect such bounty from hungry scavengers. No matter how many times a new pint is purchased, another one is sure to follow, quick to replace that sweet stash with something different. Each time that switch must be made, the longest part of the shopping trip is inevitably spent poring over the different options. It seems as though So Delicious keeps tucking new flavors into those sub-zero cases on every repeat visit, and choosing between the enticing combinations can be trickier than finding a fast-moving checkout line. When they offered to make the tough decisions for me and send a bundle of new offerings, it was a done deal before I could finish hammering out an ecstatic response on my keyboard.

Cashing in on the universally known fact that everything tastes better on a stick, releasing their latest Coconut Milk No Sugar Added Fudge Bars was sheer brilliance. Perfect little individual portions that satisfy that need for a tiny indulgence at the end of the day, these treats seem like they were made with me in mind. Sweetened with stevia and packing a jaw-dropping 8 grams of fiber into each miniature pop, forget about needing to rationalize that extra serving of dessert- These feel downright virtuous. Luckily, they don’t taste it. Strong initial coconut flavor gives way to a gentle, delicate taste of cocoa. Not the deep, rounded flavor of decadent chocolate that we all know So Delicious is capable of, but that’s the price to be paid for such lightness. It’s a grownup version of the childhood classic, although kids would undoubtedly partake with glee if given the chance.

Coconut Milk Passionate Mango Ice Cream is a bit of a departure from the standard set of flavors you might find at the store, which is a shame, since it was a tropical delight from the first lick. Bright, clean, citrus-y mango blended perfectly with the passion fruit, allowing each one an equal role in the overall production. Not only refreshing but also invigorating, it’s the kind of flavor that could brighten up a grey day. The coconut milk base is practically invisible in this particular pint, easily fooling unsuspecting eaters who may not like the popular drupe or seek out dairy-free alternatives in the first place.

Saving what I hoped to be the best for last, Coconut Milk Cookie Dough Ice Cream had a big title to live up to. Coconut haters beware: This one is unafraid to shout its origins from the rooftops and make its presence known. Happily, for those who appreciate the coconut for all it brings to the table, that flavor melds nicely with the plentiful chunks of soft cookie batter strewn throughout. Brown sugar is the main flavor of the dough, accented by a decent touch of salt, which is pretty accurate for most cookie doughs I’ve tasted raw baked and then eaten like a well-behaved, patient baker. Crunchy chocolate shrapnel strewn about the body of the creamy concoction adds much-needed textural contrast, and provides greater depth than the vanilla base alone could muster. Each bite is different and exciting, which makes it the most addictive pint to dig into.

Ice cream is best when shared, no matter how delicious it is alone, so I’m thrilled to make the experience sweeter by offering coupons for a free pint to two lucky readers. If that sounds like a good deal to you too, leave a comment about which flavor you’d buy should you win. The coupons are only valid in the US, so only residents or current visitors are able to enter this one, and please leave only one comment per person. You have until Friday, August 24th at midnight EST to add your comment to the pool, and winners will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Get your scoops primed and ready, because colder weather doesn’t mean a break in the ice cream action here!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed, and the two winners are…

Allie and Gabby! Congrats ladies, you’ll be hearing from me soon and enjoying your very own pint of coconut ice cream before you know it!

143 thoughts on “Still Coconuts for So Delicious

  1. Oo, yum! I’d definitely go for the coconut milk passionate mango ice cream! I love anything mango-flavored, and coconut milk ice cream is my favorite kind of non-dairy ice cream treat.

  2. My all time favorite is the dark chocolate covered bars. If I had a pint,it would be the vanilla bean with my own dark chocolate sauce.

  3. MMM….they all so delicious…though I think I would go for fudge bars….had them every week as a kid

  4. those look delish! I love the slight frosty-condensation vibe…you timed that perfectly! As an aside, I can ONLY imagine!!! the task it was photographing a frozen desserts book. I shudder at the thought. Bravo to you!

  5. I’ve had everything mentioned here and it is very hard. But definitely the chocolate covered bars! Yummmmmmm!!!!

  6. So Delicious makes too many amazing flavors! I’d love to try one of their new almond milk based ice creams. But if I couldn’t find any, a coconut milk almond mini bar sounds delicious to me!

  7. Love so Delicious! They are the only company that has the sugar-free kind with no agave or sugar. Love it. I would get the fudge bars and their butter pecan no sugar kind.

  8. Wish your products were available at my local stores – Racine, WI. Only have the Coconut Milk products. No ice cream or yogart !!!!

  9. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl is magical! I loved it so much I wrote So Delicious an email just to tell them. I bought it last night, and I’ll probably finish it off tonight. Dangerously delicious!!

  10. Mmm, they both sound so devine. I’d love to try out Coconut Milk Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Nothing like going back to your childhood when you’d eat cookie dough outta the bowl. :)

  11. If I had to chose from just the flavors above, then I’d pick mango. However, if I could pick from ANY So Delicious Dairy Free “ice creams” then I would try Cherry Amaretto!!

  12. Passionate Mango and Cherry Amaretto. I love fruity flavors- today. Tomorrow it could be a chocolate frenzy.

  13. If I could ever Passionate Mango at my local store, I ‘d love to try it. For now, the Butter Pecan has been my go-to since trying it on Pumpkin Apple Pie.

    1. I loved reading your reviews. You have great voice in your writing! Should I win, I would definitely pick up a pint of the SO Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…to replace the pint in my freezer that is currently almost gone. :-)

  14. I would definitely buy the cookie dough! Has and always will by my favorite! I am so thankful that so delicious created a cookie dough ice cream flavor making my transition to a completely dairy free lifestyle easier and less depressing :)

  15. I would have to try Coconut Milk Passionate Mango Ice Cream. That sounds delicious! Anything that helps take me a tropical place is a winner :)

  16. I think I will try that Passionate mango, and i’ve also been dying to try the green tea flavor. The Dulce de leche was good. Turtle was even better! Mint chip is always my favorite!!! I love this stuff!!! And I don’t even like coconut!

  17. they make this coconut milk/pomegranate/chocolate chip one that i adore, but now that i see there’s cookie dough (a flavor i miss a lot) i think i’d have to go with that! oh, wait, can i get 2 pints?!?

  18. I love ice cream and I love So Delicious! I know you didn’t talk about the almond milk ice creams in this post, but those are what I’m looking forward to trying most. Specifically, the mint chip is calling my name. Thank you for the giveaway, dear Hannah!

  19. I feel like a bad vegan- I have never had any of their ice cream products! The price tag always gets me these days, but back when I used to buy non dairy ice creams, these ones weren’t available where I live! I fondly remember the Orange Vanilla Rice Dream though :) That stuff was awesome. You are convincing me to try this So Delicious business soon ;)

    1. I definitely feel your pain about the price tag, but it just means you need to be strategic about it. I wait until it goes on sale, print out their coupon (, and pounce! Most importantly, I try to buy from a mainstream grocery chain since the prices are usually lower to begin with, and many of them will double coupons that are less than $1. I’ve gotten pints for $2.50 each that way. :)

  20. I Would Have To Go With The Coconut Milk German Chocollate Because I Am Addicted To Chocolate And Love Anything With Coconut And Pecans.

  21. I would definitely go for the coconut choco chip cookie dough. But also I’d slip in a box of those fudge pops…you know…just to TRY them.

  22. Not sure what you are talking about because I’m getting them all! ha ha. My fav pix is. . . . . . Coconut Milk Cookie Dough Ice Cream

  23. I have not yet brought myself to depart from the cookie dough version. Dairy and gluten-free COOKIE DOUGH ice cream?! It’s like childhood, but without the stomachache! But those fudge bars sure do look so… well… delicious.

  24. I love So Delicious products! I have coconut milk vanilla and almond milk cookies n’ cream in my freezer right now (but they won’t last long!) I’m dying to try the coconut milk cookie dough…cookie dough ice-cream was my absolute favorite before I became vegan. <3

  25. Oh, these are the flavours I would love to find! I have managed to track down the coconut milk mini sandwiches here in Utah, in a Walmart. Kinda spreading them with that Biscoff cookie spread… :) x

  26. As someone who cannot have dairy in any form, I have certainly run the gauntlet of dairy free foods trying to find most especially some good “ice cream!” So far I have enjoyed the cookies and cream and the vanilla. I think I will have to try the cookie dough next! Thanks for making my dairy free life more enjoyable!

  27. I would buy German chocolate cake. That stuff is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Makesy mouth water just thinking about it.

  28. Oh, man, I LOVE So Delicious ice cream. It’s a luxury, though, so I only allow myself to buy a pint every so often. I’d love to try the mango flavor; having tried many of the flavors in the more traditional chocolate-vanilla-peanut butter family, this one stands out. I’d definitely love to try the pops, too, because I can always use the extra help with portion control!

  29. Honestly, I don’t know how I’d choose, but I think I’d stick with my favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough!! And I wouldn’t share. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Hmmm what a tough choice. I have had the
    Cookie dough already and it’s heavenly. I think I would have to try the mango passion. Although I’m sure the bars are completely fabulous as well!

  31. I love the Chocolate Peanut Butter one but have had a little trouble finding it lately so I’d go with cookie dough!

  32. I would be delighted and most appreciative of the chance to enjoy a coupon for a free pint of the coconut milk passionate mango ice cream as I have a deep, enduring passion for all things mango.

    Thank you.

  33. I absolutely LOVE So Delicious! My favorite is the cookies ‘n cream, but I really want to try to the cookie dough as well!

  34. Ooooh, definitely the Passionate Mango; may summer stay a little longer, at least in my freezer!

  35. My hubby proposed by sticking my engagement ring in a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream…. so I gotta go with that flavor. :-)

  36. There are plenty of ways to enjoy coconut. I’m really glad you shared me some of these delightful ideas. Would it be fine if I add some sugar on the fudge bars?

  37. Of those, it’s a toss up up between the fudge bars and the mango. Prob the bars cause I can’t resist chocolate. Have you tried the Sugar free Toasted Almond chip? It’s one if my favorites.

  38. Oh, that’s easy — if I won, I’d automatically get a pint of mint chip for me and mocha almond fudge for my husband. Delicious!

  39. Since I have been little my favorite ice cream had always been a combination. Why have just one flavor when you can have two? One scoop cookies and cream and one scoop cookie dough. I have been without this combination for far too long. Time to break out the waffle cone maker.

  40. I am a first year teacher this year and school starts next week. I can only imagine I’ll need some coconut cookie dough ice cream to remind me of summer days and help me relax after long days with 8th graders!

  41. you had me at mango! Coconut Milk Passionate Mango Ice Cream all the way!! Thanks for this fun give-away! :)

  42. First time reader….very nice reviews, great descriptions, very visual! I am inclined to give the mango a go this time….I have indulged more times then I care to admit to the Internet in the cookie dough. I totoally agree it’s So Delicious! (get it?, so delicious, So Delicious?)

  43. Way too many to choose just one… I think I’d go for the Mocha Almond Fudge
    Almond Milk flavor!

  44. SoDelicious Coconut milk is my go-to staple….but I have yet to try the ice cream.
    I would LOVE to try the Passionate Mango Ice Cream….it just sounds…heavenly!
    Thank you so much. This is truly…the best, most refreshing milk….ever!! :)

  45. I have recently decided to go vegan and after changing my lifestyle to exclude meat, poultry, and all dairy products including frozen yogurt and ice cream three years back, it is great to see some options to fix that sweet tooth without all the processed junk. That being said I can’t wait to get my hands on the cookie dough or cookies and cream ad see for myself if it is a delicious dream come true!

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