Peachy Keen

As suddenly as if Mother Nature herself flipped a switch to change the seasons, summer has landed, without fanfare or time to brace yourself for impact. Warm but dry days transformed overnight into no holds barred heat and humidity, filling the house with agonizingly sweltering air at all hours of the day, no relief in sight. Stop the suffering and just take it outside! Chances are that a shady patch will be not only more tolerable temperature wise, but have the added bonus of a fresh breeze wafting by. This is where compact, easily carried desserts come in handy, and exactly why I share a recipe for Peaches and Crème Shortcakes in Jars in the summer issue of Joy of Kosher magazine.

Fancy fare needn’t apply for easy-going picnics or the average afternoon outdoors, but simply packing a classic shortcake into glass jars makes them somehow instantly more elegant. Roasting the peaches brings out more of their natural flavor, so only a minimal amount of sugar is needed. Thanks to the addition of a luscious cashew and tofu-based crème, you won’t have to worry about anything melting or turning sour in the sun. This parfait-like peach shortcake will fit in perfectly for any grand party or casual summertime gathering. Don’t let the heat defeat your or your dessert cravings!

31 thoughts on “Peachy Keen

  1. These jars are gorgeous…where can i order them? I remember seeing some similar when I lived in Italy, but none since returning to the US. Thanx!

  2. The desert looks wonderful and tastes even better I am sure! Thanks also for the inspiration about using the jars – especially good for us photgraphers and whats more they are available in the UK at Amazon.

  3. Oh, this sounds like the dodgy summers we’ve had here two years in a row! This is how summer has gone: rain rain rain rain 38 DEGREE HEAT rain rain rain 38 DEGREE HEAT rain storm grey rain bleurgh.

    In other words, I’ve either had no summer or dodgy summers since 2007. Hmph.

    Thank heavens we has delicious gorgeous desserts to keep us smiling, right? :)

    P.S. My 38 is your 100 :)

    1. You poor thing! I’ll try not to complain anymore… Luckily, it doesn’t often eek above 100 here, no matter how brutal the humidity makes it feel. Ever consider moving somewhere a bit more temperate… like the east coast of the US, maybe? ;)

  4. This recipe sounds so lovely! I love how putting something in a jar instantly elevates it from average to foodie-cool.

    Thanks for mentioning above where to get the jars! They are adorable :)

  5. These are adorable! They really look so elegant in the glass jars…I love seeing all the components. :) That cashew and tofu-based crème sounds incredible, and I love that it’s picnic-friendly!

  6. These are the cutest lil shortcakes. i am sucker for small things in a jar..:) perfect to carry around for sure.. such fun summer in a jar! ( though we are still at 50-60 this weekend… hoping to get some sun the coming one!)

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