MOO Who?

As an ardent and rather stubborn DIY-er, it can be difficult to hand over the reins of a project to someone else. That’s why I was reluctant to accept an offer from to lend a hand with printing. Why did I buy that bulky, large format professional photo printer anyway, and didn’t they only produce business cards? Au contraire, although best known for their brilliantly colored, multi-photo business cards, it turns out they also produce equally stunning stickers of all shapes and sizes, not to mention the greeting cards, too. The endless possibilities presented by a pack of completely customizable stickers was the spark that started my creative fire.

With Vegan a la Mode due literally any day now, I began to think towards future book signings, and how I wished I could have a greater reach in my two-state “tour.” Book plates could solve all of that! A simple sticker that could be mailed in a standard envelope, no muss, no fuss, for those abroad who might want a signature. Rather than slap together something reasonably decent, this was a job for MOO, plus the adorable illustrations of the ultra-talented Michelle Cavigliano.

Have happy ice cream scoops ever looked better on sticky paper? I think not. The color quality and sharpness is impeccable; What came in the mail less than a week after placing my order was a flawless replica of my original submission. (There’s just a bit of glare in the photo, not a printing issue at the bottom of the sticker.) Certainly better than I could have done alone, and about 100 times easier.

In celebration of my third cookbook‘s imminent release, I want to start by giving away 5 of these adorable book plate stickers, signed, to anyone who pre-ordered or won’t be able to see me in person- Or just loves the design (I don’t blame you; Michelle totally exceeded my expectations on the cute factor.) In addition, was so generous as to offer both a pack of 50 Business Cards AND 50 Retangular Labels to 3 more lucky readers! That’s 8 chances to win right there. All you have to do is leave me a comment and specify if you want to be in the running for both a book plate and the printing prize packs from MOO, or just one. If you want your own business cards and stickers, tell me about what you would have printed on them. Make sure you fill out a valid email address in the appropriate box, and please, only one comment per person.. This contest will be open to entries until June 5th at midnight EST.

UPDATE: The random number generator has spoken, and the winners of the prize packs are…

Amanda and Jessica K!

And the lucky five getting signed book plates are…

Jill, Kelly C, Sarah, veganamericanprincess, and Aya!

Congrats everyone! Keep an eye on your email, and expect a message about your winnings from either me or MOO shortly.

39 thoughts on “MOO Who?

  1. congrats on your cookbook! i would like to be in the running for both. on the business cards i would put info on my etsy shop

  2. The ice cream images are so sweet! Why don’t you come to Ontario for a little visit/book signing? :) I would love to win the business cards, as I keep putting off getting any printed. Some image to do with writing…and food. Can those two things combine? :)

  3. I can’t wait for your new book to come out. I hope hope hope that you’ll come to Boston to promote it! I’d love to win either..I’m starting a new vegan baby/family blog and would love to use Moo to get cards printed for that!

  4. i would love any/all of the giveaways! I plan to get your new vegan ice cream book; I’m getting a little tired of just plain vanilla from trader joe’s (I’m not happy with the vegan scoop book that I have)

  5. All so cute, I would love any of the prizes! I need some new business cards in fact, almost out! But the stickers are so cute too.

  6. Ooh! I’d love to be entered for both since I can’t wait for your new book, as well as MOO stuff since I’m opening my home-vegan-allergy-friendly-baking biz and need cards and stickers for the boxes to put my logo onto!

  7. I’m so happy you wrote an ice cream book! I recently tried your ice cream recipe from Vegan Desserts (once with vanilla, then I made a lemon ginger variation) and it was so good! A whole book of recipes like that has got to be amazing.

  8. Congrats on the new book–looking forward to it! and I want it all of course! If I were to win the business cards, I’d have ones made up for my blog <3

  9. Those bookplates are so stinking cute! Adorable! I’ve always been so impressed with Moo. They take their printing up a notch, that’s for sure. I’d like to be in the running for both things! If I were going to print something with Moo, I’d get stickers of my blog Avatar design for letters and packages and such. Too fun!

  10. I want it all! I preordered your book last week and I can’t wait for it to get here already!
    If I won my own cards I’d probably make some for my blog/ side catering business.

  11. I’d love to be entered in both! I got a business card sampler from Moo awhile back, and I LOVE them! If I won, I’d get some personal cards printed for my professional endeavors in vet med.

  12. Those are really cute!!! :D
    I love MOO products… I made a few business cards for my sister through MOO.
    I would like a signed bookplate, please? I think it would be such a great thing to have in my collection. I feel it puts me much closer to you as a fan and as a friend. It would mean so much! :)

    ~ Aya,

  13. I have business cards for work, but I’d like to get some for fun – a cute design and a fun job title – maybe “vegan ninja” or “plant enthusiast” (or the Mitch Hedberg standby “Potential Lunch Winner”!)

  14. Congratulations on your new cook book! And you did the right by accepting’s offer, although, I know you would have done a good job on your own. The stickers and business cards are uber cute, and, at least, you have more time to spend on other productive things.

  15. Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait! I’d like to be in the running for both – my Latin Dance student group needs some new business cards!

  16. Ah, I love the design! I would like a chance to win the bookplates, I don’t have anything that needs a business card, so other people should have more of a chance!

  17. ooooh .. those are sooo cutee! i want some business cards for sure! those stickers are also such a fun idea. i was just about to look for some business cards… i hope i win i hope i win.. fingers crossed:)

    i dont know what i would put on mine.. maybe some indian food images or something:) all the best for your third book! :)

  18. Oh, please enter me in both contests! I would love a bookplate to put in your new book, but, I NEED the cards/supplies for my new vegan baking business! I have moved to a new state and town, have designed a new card, but haven’t had the cash to really launch yet. New cards to had out, with Veganissima on them, would go a long way toward putting my name and my baking business out there! And, of course, I use your inspiration often!

  19. Those bookplates are so cute and whimsical! Since you are sharing, I’d love to have them. Love the blog!

  20. I would love either prize. If I got my own business cards/stickers I would put my own baking logo on them as I occasionally bake for an event or requesting customer. I’ve dreamed about what my business cards would look like and how my store front would be since my retirement plan is to open a vegan bakery in my little city : )
    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes Hannah and I can’t wait to try the plethora of decadent frozen treats in only a months time.

  21. They do look incredibly adorable!! Love the look of those pretty stickers. I actually also thought they did the little stickers but have to take a closer look!

  22. Please put me in the running for the MOO printing prize pack of business cards and labels! I have a strong dream of opening my own artisan food business, so I’d print my info and logo (in the works) on them. Congrats on the new book. I was talking up your blog and some specific recipes to an artisan ice cream vendor at a farmer’s market (they do some rad vegan products as well) this past weekend.

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