Delicious World, Part Two

Please click each image for a description and larger view. If you missed part one, check it out here.

*Please note, there is no meat in this photo, the slices are Field Roast brand vegan deli slices.

37 thoughts on “Delicious World, Part Two

  1. I think I love these ones even more! You could make a coffe table book of these! I especially love Canada but I’m Canadian so maybe I am biased.

    1. Trust me, it was not easy! I used up all of the “easy” countries early on, and was really struggling to come up with the last ones. As much as I’d love to continue the project, I’m not sure if I can… The basic problem here is that there’s not enough blue food!

  2. Awesome project. I loved the first ones, and I love these too. I’m sure you Aced this.

  3. omg that mapo tofu looks so good *___* I need to learn how to make that from scratch…
    Great photos and adorable project!

  4. I love the Canadian one the most!
    Really clever and beautiful pictures!

    This would be a great idea for a party theme…hmmm… ;)

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