Everybody Wins!

Okay, enough waiting; the suspense is killing me! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just dying to spill the beans on who won a shiny new bottle of Xagave. So I’m getting right down to it.

The winner, randomly chosen via Random.org, is….

Commenter #37, who happens to be veganhomemade! And her favorite uses for agave?

But that’s not the end of the story here, not by a long shot. Because I love you guys, I love agave, and I’d like to think that all this love is mutual, I have a special gift for everyone. If you were so inclined to order yourself a bottle of Xagave, you can now plunk in the special discount code “BITTERSWEET” on the payment information page and get free shipping! Now you have no excuse not to try out this fantastic alternative sweetener, thanks to the Xagave’s generosity. Go forth and spread the agave love!

5 thoughts on “Everybody Wins!

  1. I made my first raw truffles these days because I got an order of cupcakes + a raw option for a wedding party and they are delicious! I am just sad because agave costs so much here and I can’t make more things using it as much as I want to!

  2. Can it be that I’m so behind in my blog reading, I actually missed the entire giveaway?? (Seems to be). I love agave! Will have to take advantage of that wonderful discount. And congrats to VeganHomemade! :)

  3. Maybe I’m just lucky to have worked at Whole Foods and currently work for an independent health food store, but I have never seen an agave brand that was NOT Organic. And among those, only one is not labeled as raw. What makes Xagave better than say Madhava or Natural Zing or Wholesome Sweeteners?

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