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A Hundred-Year Old Monster


Lurking in the depths of the darkest shadows imaginable, just beyond the tips of our very noses, lay a beast, hiding, waiting, biding its time. For nearly a hundred years it remained patiently and quietly stalking victims, becoming all the more incensed at having been forgotten in the first place. When at last the monster could hold its silence no more, back into the daylight it burst with teeth bared and mouth stretched into a wicked smile, ready to destroy any unfortunate onlooker that stood in its way.

Look out, run for you lives! It’s…. It’s…

A really, terribly old picture. That Godzilla look-alike up there? He’s a gentle giant, take it from me, and wouldn’t hurt a fly! The monster is the photo itself, having somehow slipped between the cracks of my hard drive for nearly 2 years. And seriously, that’s got to be close to 100 in photo-years.

Renewed efforts at cleaning up my mess of a computer opened up a whole treasure trove of forgotten projects, this lovable brute included. It would just be a shame not to share him, so please, forgive me for posting such fiendishly bad photos, and just be mindful not to make any loud noises and spook the old devils.

Made for a friend who loves Godzilla, I started with Knitty‘s Norberta, and modified it accordingly as I went along… The details, I can’t remember the foggiest bit.

But ahh, it feels so much better to get that demon out in the open. Now, about the rest of this junk I found… I can’t say for sure it will fare so well!


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

24 thoughts on “A Hundred-Year Old Monster

  1. He’s so cute! I have a ton of these types of projects I want to make but I haven’t cast on a single one. I <3 yours!!


  2. That’s *too* cute!

    You should definitely make the cashew milk, it’s so good. When you think pillowy and creamy, this totally will live up to it :)


  3. You can never go wrong with Godzilla!
    Eco Mama


  4. Hannah-

    Too darn ADORABLE.


  5. So cute, my multi-talented friend!


  6. Haha, this made me giggle :)


  7. Adorable!! Those would make the cutest stocking stuffers :)


  8. that is SO cute. i like the story you made up about this little guy. i really like the photos!


  9. What a cutie!


  10. The skyscraper prop was a nice touch. Good job in 2007!


  11. Awww he’s so cute climbing all over that mini metropolis!


  12. lol! That was SO random…but SO endearing! Lovable little fuzzy thing!


  13. That’s the cutest Godzilla I’ve ever seen! :-)


  14. Awww – he is such a sweetie, a knitted godzilla is such a fantastic idea – I really hope you find some more craft gold lying around on your computer :-)


  15. He is so cute,…Aaaaah! What a neat idea!!


  16. ah! i love it. i’m totally tagging that site so i can make one (or 20)!


  17. lol great job modifying the pattern! knitting still makes me go cross eyed… I’ll stick to crochet :D


  18. SO cute! I love the spikes.


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