Paris, Day Five

20 thoughts on “Paris, Day Five

  1. Have you gone to any vegan restaurants in Paris? I know there’s one really fancy one near Notre Dame (I didn’t get a chance to gow hen I was in Paris last yr), and one cozy one run by this one lady in Montmartre. You should check them out if you can! Pretty pics! Love the bread one.

  2. You are an incredible photographer! I seriously want to pack up right now, fly to Paris and eat. Everything in your photos looks beautiful and delicious!

  3. Bah! I’m so jealous of your Parisian rendezvous! The pastries, not to mention all that architecture and the horse, are beautiful.

  4. Hannah, your pictures are stunning!! Each and every time I want to hop on a plane, go directly to the cafe or spot where you’ve been and take pictures and enjoy wonderful food, beautiful :)

  5. You can do vegan in France? Wow. I’ve always wanted to go but feared there would be little to eat but raw fruits and veggies. Which would still be good, but you know, you gotta experience some of that famous French food.

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