Paris, Day Four

23 thoughts on “Paris, Day Four

  1. You take amazing photos. Beautiful! I am dying to know what all the delectable treats are! When I traveled to Italy I took ridiculous amounts of photos of the fruit there…it was always displayed so beautifully. Hope you are having an amazing time.

  2. I have to admit, they definately look like blueberries. I thought the same, Shelby! They have a truly beautiful selection of art and crafty stuff in Paris and the most lovely, quaint little shops.

    And is that a Pain au Chocolat I see? Those are so delicious? You must tell me where you find these – especially as French bakeries are second to none! I’d be super lucky to find vegan chocolate croissants in the UK, let alone France!

    Oh these photos are amazing though – I’m so jealous – Cant wait to go back there!

  3. That pocket sandwich and macaroons look amazing. Beautiful pics, hope you are having as wonderful time as what it looks like from here:)

  4. Falafel! Macaroons! OH MY! The colors in your photos are just stunning, you have such an amazing eye for capturing the perfect shot every time. Hope you are loving your trip!

  5. OH! I want to go cry in a corner! I know exactly where you are in Paris or what you are experiencing! HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME! Paris is where my heart is!

  6. That falafel looks like it came from L’As du Fallafel. After traveling throughout Western Europe, I like to pretend that I can testify truthfully that L’As du Fallafel has the best falafel in the world! If it wasn’t from there, and you have the time, you should check it out. (But not on Saturday because they are closed for the Sabbath.)

  7. Pariiiiiis =D I want to go there again!! I went one year and half ago, and I felt in love with the city. It has got something….magical. Wonderful shots!

  8. I have the urge to eat those green beads as well. That color is incredible.

    Chocolate croissants, falafel, macaroons, baguettes–I am so happy that you get to indulge in them. No one does them better.

    I look forward to reading your write up.

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