Best Intentions

All too often, food manufacturers grow so large that their products become nothing more than numbers; Objects fit for consumption, but not necessarily thought of as nourishment, whether it be physical or spiritual.  Food has so many roles to play, so many needs to fill, that to flatten it down to mere commodities should practically be a crime.  Of course, this is the foodie in me speaking, but companies that care about their food beyond its revenue generally make better offerings, and that’s something everyone can appreciate.  One such company is Bountiful Vegan, passionate about making vegan cookies that are not only delicious, but full of positive and uplifting energy.  Sound a bit far fetched?  Well, then you haven’t tried their Intention Cookies yet.

Not only do you get a fantastically tasty treat every time you buy one of their cookies, but a complimentary affirmation hidden inside the wrapper sweetens the deal. For anyone who’s had a rough day or could just use a little extra emotional boost, I can hardly think of a better combination. Each cookie is roughly the size of a small child’s head, by the way, and that alone should put a smile on your face!

Punctuated by a generous smattering of dark chocolate chips, the Love Cookie (orange chocolate chip) simply couldn’t be ignored, and didn’t last too long after being photographed. Turning out to be one of my favorites of the group, with such soft, gently yielding dough that would be good enough on its own, but positively shines next to the contrasting chocolate pieces. Happily, the chocolate is in perfect proportion to the cookie, and doesn’t overwhelm the delicate citrus notes that add just a light touch of zesty orange flavor. More exciting than your standard chocolate chip cookie, this is one that I can’t imagine would stick around many days in any house.

Nondescript and potentially easy to overlook, the Well-Being Cookie (pineapple coconut) is hardly as unremarkable as it may look.  Possessing a firmer bite than the previous softie, and a slightly coarse texture thanks to the shredded coconut, eating this cookie is an entirely different experience.  Generally “tropical” tasting, it’s hard to pick the pineapple flavor out of the mix, but there’s definitely something extra in there that couldn’t come from coconut alone.  Pleasingly well-salted, it’s an overall well-balanced and inoffensive baked good. While this one wouldn’t be my first pick, I still had no trouble finishing it in the end.

In another interesting little twist on a classic flavor, the Harmony Cookie (lemon snickerdoodle) shakes up the simple spice-encrusted cookie with the bright pep of lemon oil.  Cheerful as a sunny day, you can’t help but feel happy as you sink your teeth into that crackled crust of cinnamon and sugar.  Satisfyingly chewy, the combination of textures is so perfectly addictive, they could very well be flavored with motor oil and they would still be hard to turn down.  Thankfully, they’re absolutely delicious, gently perfumed with just a hint of lemon.

Saving what I hoped would be best for last, I finally dove into the Prosperity Cookie (choco choco-chip) with a voracious appetite. Surprisingly restrained in the sugar department, it was markedly less sweet than the previous baked beauties. More “adult” in flavor, featuring some bitter undertones of cocoa powder and accented by the much needed richness of the chocolate chips. Good, but not stellar, I’m starting to think that the previous knock-out flavors may have just set my expectations of this last cookie too high.

If you care about what you eat, and have a serious sweet tooth to satisfy, this is one compassionate business that you should definitely support. And who knows- You may just feel so inspired after eating one of these treats as to actually go out and accomplish your intentions!

27 thoughts on “Best Intentions

  1. Those cookies look so tasty! I had one unfortunate vegan snickernoodle packaged cookie today. Boooooo!!

  2. GREAT review, stunning pictures, and beautifully written. It is posts like these that confirm again and again why you are my favorite vegan blogger! SO much talent!

    These cookies sound and look delicious, the way you describe them I can almost taste them myself. I like the idea behind the cookies too, great stuff all around.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I think motor oil has been rather overlooked in the cookie-makers pantry. It put a smile on my face just reading about these cookies, so I’m sure they would definitely do the job!

  4. The Harmony cookie looks the best! I must make some choc chip cookies, i havent made any in ages!
    Your pictures look lovely :) I bet it was fun taste testing them all.


  5. All the bloggers seem to love the Love Cookie the best. It does look pretty great, gorgeous pictures too as always!

  6. As big as a child’s head? Awesome. But the favorite not being a chocolate cookie makes me think something was rigged. Chocolate is *always* best :)

  7. Hannah,

    Thanks for sharing info on what sounds a delightful company. I just stopped over at their webpage and found it to be as delightful as you made their cookies sound! (I must ditto what Voracious Vegan said in an earlier comment about HOW your blog entries are written — I can tell you put as much time into writing your blog as you do creating recipes!!)

    Anyway, Bountiful Vegan made ordering SO easy (AND had very reasonable shipping charges) that 4 “child head sized” cookies are heading to my neck of the woods!!

  8. Excellent review! I’m imagining I would like the not so sweet dark chocolate cookie and the coconutty one. But you made them all sound terrific.

  9. Cookies look delic!
    I made a choice a few weeks ago to go meatless..
    all the bad press and preservatives etc.. I just don’t trust the whole meat market anymore..
    I can’t see myself going vegan, but hey it’s a start..

  10. These do sound like a great find. I’ve got to give these ones a try–I love the mission, and the flavors sound just as good!

  11. The Love Cookie sounds just right for a summer day – light and citrusy but still has that chocolate fix. Before I read this I was already starting to make a coconut, orange, and chocolate chip ice cream, so maybe that’s why this cookie flavor sticks out to me!

  12. Goodness! The worst thing on the market, nowadays, are cookie! They are full of crap! It is a comfort to see a good vegan cookie made with love out there!

  13. Those looks delicious and your photos are beautiful. You make a very good point about the lack of spiritual health that goes in to processed foods.

    Worth than the luck of love that food in packages suffers from, are the meat eaters who are gobbling up the horrible stressed energy from unethically raised livestock.

  14. I just found your blog via foodbuzz and I’m so glad I did! These cookies sound great and they have such unique flavours. Thanks for sharing. :) Liz Lovely also has excellent vegan cookies. Her ginger snapdragons are unbelievable!

  15. Ok, so now that I wiped the drool off of my keyboard. Those cookies look awesome! and the size of a small child’s head? Wow! :-)

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