Bunny Love

Easter means two things to me: Cute, fluffy bunnies, and candy.  Since I would hate to pass up the opportunity to celebrate pretty much any holiday, despite my pitiful lack of knowledge about it, I set about making the most festive sweet treat I could muster.

Thank goodness I still had a marshmallow kit from Angel Food, which had admittedly expired six months ago, but still worked just as promised.  Thick, billowing clouds of marshmallow-y goodness were soon whipping around the beater of my mixer, dyed a pastel pink thanks to the pomegranate juice I substituted for water.  Peeps are pretty much the epitome of Easter to me, but it would be a stretch to try piping out those iconic shapes, so instead the mallow was set in a baking dish, to be cut out later into appropriate shapes.

Lightly dusting the counter, knife, cookie cutter, and entire kitchen with powdered sugar, tiny pink bunnies were soon taking shape.

Carefully poking those microscopic ears and tails out of the metal form, it seemed like a task that would last me all day. Little did I know that like the real thing, this rabbits can really multiply in no time…!

53 thoughts on “Bunny Love

  1. i need to get my mixer up and running. i have one of those kits too! i am going to use your juice instead of water ideas too. awesome!

  2. Awww, your homemade peeps are fabulous!! I love them, and I love that you used pomegranate juice to color them. How creative!

  3. Gosh they’re cute! When I was a vegetarian I liked to eat little chocolate nests (broken up Shredded Wheat mixed with chocolate and then left to set in the shape of nests in paper cupcake cases) with a few Cadury’s Mini Eggs on top. I need to find a vegan version of those eggs so I can make some this year.

  4. Cute! My husband loves peeps, I’ll have to see if they sell that kit at my natural foods store. What did you use for the eyes?

  5. I looooooooooooooooooooved Peeps. So much. I even still ate them while I was vegetarian. Now, no more, but I will have to make my own now that I have seen this!

  6. that’s the cutest thing ever! now you are for sure going to have a great easter…the easter bunny will thank you!

  7. How cute are those? Worth the effort I’m sure. When baking with the kids my kitchen’s like that, too, covered with flour & sugar! Yikes!

  8. Homemade peeps! They’re too cute. I used to love marshmallow peeps-not exactly eating them, but putting them in the microwave and making them blow up. Yeah, I had issues.

  9. I still have two of those kits in my cupboard to use. I didn’t realize they had an expiration date…! I love the peeps idea Hannah, they turned out pretty darn perfect!

  10. Wow Hannah, those are SO cute! I’m glad you went ahead and used your ‘expired’ marshie mix – I did put very conservative dates on the first few batches. It’s a learning process. So sorry to hear about your hand, hope it heals quickly. Best wishes, Alice

  11. Those little bunnies are cute, Hannah.
    We don’t get kits for stuff like this out here, and I was wondering if you would know how to make marshmallows without gelatine.

    Hope your hand mends quickly. Happy Easter.

  12. Seriously, I used to adore peeps with a passion!! I’d let them sit out for a few days to get stale and then I’d eat em all! I got one of those marshmallow kits for my bday and still haven’t used it…

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