Easing into Easter

Despite my typical enthusiasm for celebrating holidays, any holidays at all, whether they come from my own culture or not, there simply aren’t enough days in the year to pull together anything truly elaborate for the upcoming spring occasions on the calendar. The duty of making a Passover dessert like usual is still haunting me, and the seder is only two days away! Easter might have gotten entirely swept under the carpet in this household, if not for the most delightful and festive surprise that arrived in the mail…

Real, authentic, vegan, peeps, courtesy of Sweet and Sara. You may recall that I went out of my way to make my own version last year, but oh, what a treat to be able to simply purchase cruelty-free, adorable marshmallow bunnies, chicks, and even eggs! Decorated with their signature dark chocolate, each one is unique; a sign of a truly handmade product. Ever so lightly pastel colored with natural ingredients, you get all the best components of the classic marshmallow peep, with no nasty bits included. It’s hard to not coo at these intensely cute creatures, but of course, the best part is still their taste.

It’s not too late to order, and if you hop on over there right now, you can get a 10% discount with the code “E10.” I don’t know about you, but finding even one of these springy mallow creatures in my Easter basket would absolutely make my holiday!

32 thoughts on “Easing into Easter

  1. I love Easter ! What a wonderful treat you made to yourself ! Sweet and Sara make beautiful things that I never tested so far. But as I heard, their marshmallows are wonderful !

  2. They’re so cute. It just makes you want to bite their heads off. Or would that be cruelty to animals?

  3. What sweet little goodies! I’d love to bite their little heads off.

    BTW, Sweet & Sara has a video on their website of their appearance on Food Network’s “Unwrapped”! I used to have a bit of a Food Network addiction, so I think this is cool.

  4. Oh, how gorgeous!! I’ve seen a vegan marshmallow mix in a health food store in Canberra, and might give it a go when I get home. Methinks it will be easier than your magical version, and cheaper than Sweet & Sara’s internationla shipping, which I’m fairly certain doesn’t even exist :P

  5. Well, I hate to admit this but I had no idea that marshmallows are made with gelatin. So I learned something new…thank you. I’ll definitely look for those non-gelatin marshmallow kits. I did enjoy visiting the Sweet & Sara website, too. Easy to understand why they sold out.

  6. Adorable indeed. I sometimes plan too much for the holiday and get exhausted easily. Now I just plan to have a delicious and easy feast – so these products come handy!

  7. My little vegan LOVES these! I have to say they are yummy, but the Smores are this mama’s fave!

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