Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Okay, so perhaps it’s mostly wishful thinking at this point, but I promise that my latest article about strawberries in VegNews wasn’t meant to tease- Fingers crossed, those beautiful red berries are bound to appear soon enough.

Unfortunately, even I’m still dreaming of putting strawberries back on the daily menu, as the temperatures stay firmly rooted below the freezing mark. Since each issue of the magazine is meant to span two months, these recipes might be a little bit early for those of you living in colder climates (like say, New England? Ahem.) But don’t despair- You can of course use frozen fruit, once thawed and drained of excess liquid. Otherwise, you could at least turn my strawberry malt shake into a chocolate malt shake, by simply omitting the berries altogether and throwing in 1/4 cup of dutch-processed cocoa powder.

Just hang tight though- Those strawberries have got to be springing up in no time!

37 thoughts on “Spring is Just Around the Corner!

  1. You know, strawberries have actually been on sale in my neck of the (non) woods lately. But, I won’t go near them. I learned my lesson on buying on-sale, off-season produce recently. Flavorless, tasteless, and probably pretty void of nutrients.

    I dare say that VegNews may still be a might bit early as the true strawberry season is at least two months off, if not more. But there is always frozen :)

  2. I can’t wait for spring to arrive!! It feels like it has been forever that we had lovely fresh strawberries. You can still buy them yearround, but they are right now tasteless and look awful too. Apart from the fact that they cost a small fortune I can’t understand why people would want to buy strawberries in the winter. Ofcourse; here in Holland it will take another couple of months before the ‘real’ strawberries will arrive!

  3. Since nothing ever freezes here in Israel, we have a sunny winter with strawberries available everywhere :) I guess it makes up for the lack of snow ;)

  4. After 9 years of living here in Japan, I have yet to figure out, or at least research, why it is strawberry season here from Nov/Dec – Feb/Mar. There are, apparently, places where you can go pick them and all. I mean, it’s not in the negatives where I live, but we’re leap-frogging if it hits 10 celsius during January…..

  5. spring can’t come soon enough. it keeps getting up to 50 degrees here for one day, then raining and getting cold, and then SNOWING again. i’m so over it.

  6. Ohhhh I love strawberries! I’ve seen them creeping into grocery stores but haven’t given them a second glance yet. I can’t wait for the ripe berries from the farmer’s market…mmm!!

  7. I will confess to you that I’ve been craving strawberries a LOT lately. Of course, they’re not at my local markets yet. So, here’s the real confession: I broke down and bought the strawberries imported from Mexico and for sale at Trader Joe’s. There, it’s out, I said it, and you know what? They weren’t nearly as good as local, but they were still oh-so-strawberry!

  8. I can’t wait for berries to be in season again. I caved in a few weeks ago and bought some frozen ones. I can’t wait for spring any more, it’s taking too long!

    You should combine the 2 shakes and make a chocolate-strawberry malt shake!

  9. ahhhhh! strawberry season back home in california in the thick of summer = to die for. unfortunately here in chicago it’s still a balmy 40 or so, but i’m definitely trying this with a variety of other frozen fruit. mmmm.

  10. I had to laugh when you made the comment of those of us in New England… I am deep in the heart of it in New Hampshire. Talk about waiting for Spring!!!
    I like the addition od cocoa powder …. mmmmmm

  11. I actually bought two pints of strawberries a few days ago, and they’re not the first that I’ve bought. Its obviously not as good as it will be in a few months, and its also obviously not a local choice, but….they’re still strawberries!

  12. Yum – that looks like a tall glass of delicious! I was bit disappointed – I followed your link to VegNews but didn’t see your ariticle! It may just be me and the fact that I have no idea how to navigate around that site. But I wanted you to know that I did look for your article there with no luck. :(

  13. Ahh I looove strawberries. We’ve been getting them lately at home, but at school I’ve been eating them frozen! I just can’t resist!

  14. Spring can’t get here quick enough for me. I’ve been buying strawberries but, of course, they’re not half as sweet as they will be in the next coming months. I can’t wait either! Your smoothie looks yummy!

  15. I made the napoleon bars last weekend! I loved it. I eat all of it. Next time I think I’ll put more strawberries next time.
    I haven’t tried the shake, yet. I really want to, and that chocolate version makes it so much more tempting. You could probably combine both the chocolate and strawberries, right?
    Yum. I’ve been really hungry for the past two days…


  16. Actually, out here in India, its almost the end of our strawberry season! And it has been ruling my kitchen the past 2 months. Now the mango season approaches, and I’m looking forward to that.:)

  17. Or… strawberry-chocolate shake! Mmmm like chocolate covered strawberries, but so much less work :) I can’t wait to read your article, VegNews is sitting in my backpack waiting patiently for me to get to it.

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