Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Okay, so perhaps it’s mostly wishful thinking at this point, but I promise that my latest article about strawberries in VegNews wasn’t meant to tease- Fingers crossed, those beautiful red berries are bound to appear soon enough.

Unfortunately, even I’m still dreaming of putting strawberries back on the daily menu, as the temperatures stay firmly rooted below the freezing mark. Since each issue of the magazine is meant to span two months, these recipes might be a little bit early for those of you living in colder climates (like say, New England? Ahem.) But don’t despair- You can of course use frozen fruit, once thawed and drained of excess liquid. Otherwise, you could at least turn my strawberry malt shake into a chocolate malt shake, by simply omitting the berries altogether and throwing in 1/4 cup of dutch-processed cocoa powder.

Just hang tight though- Those strawberries have got to be springing up in no time!