Go Dairy Free: Winners

The question of choosing a non-dairy milk is actually much tougher than it may sound, since the market is practically exploding with different options these days. Just name your grain, nut or seed, and there’s sure to be a “milk” produced by it, in all the colors of the rainbow and every flavor you can think of. For me personally, my all-time favorite has got to be VitaSoy‘s Holly Nog. And since I’ve unfortunately already run through my entire stock pile, I prefer Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze for the rest of the year. When it comes to baking though, plain old store brand soy is usually what makes the grade, due to the protein content and generally mild flavor.

Okay, have I kept you in suspense for long enough already?  I’m sure you’ve been dying to know the winners of the two copies of Go Dairy Free, and I can hardly wait to share this wonderful resource, so let’s get down to business.

The first winner is…

Comment #397, Karen, who says “My favorite – chocolate almond milk by almond breeze! for smoothies I prefer unsweetened almond milk or hemp milk, but often use rice milk, since it is easier to get in our small town. for cooking, I use rice milk – again with the availability and lower price! I am dying for a copy of this book!”

And last but not least, the second lucky commenter is…

Kitchenetta, of comment #302! And how perfect for someone with a blog entitled “Got No Milk.”

I’m sure both of you will love this book- You’ll be hearing from me shortly!

In case you didn’t win this time around, you can buy Go Dairy Free direct from the source, where they will ship internationally, or if you hurry, it’s on discount on amazon.com right now. Either way, it will be worth the investment!

18 thoughts on “Go Dairy Free: Winners

  1. I am so with you there on the Holly Nog and Almond Breeze. I wish I had stocked up on the Nog, though, because it seemed like by Christmas day all the supplies had been ripped off shelves.

    I’m sure the winners will be very happy with their copies – I just bought Go Dairy Free last month and am in love with it. What a great compilation by such fantastic, hardworking authors!

  2. Congratulations to Karen and Kitchenetta! I hope they get lots of good ideas from their winnings! :) Thanks for the fun contest, Hannah.

  3. Congratulations! Looks like I’ll be ordering a copy for myself. Quick question for you Hannah. You had commented on my site that you would substitute tofu for the eggs in the burgers. Just wondering exactly what you do with the tofu? I’m still learning about egg substitutes, so sorry if the answer is obvious. Thanks for your help!

  4. I’ve been hesitating to order “Go Dairy Free” since I found the raving reviews and beautiful pics on your blog and I could have possibly (but very unlikely) won a *free copy, but now I’m bringing up amazon and reaching for saved up babysitting $ ! ;)

  5. hehehe GO WINNERS!

    omg I was just abt to comment on your blog when ya commented on mine!

    Thanks for the compliment…blushes and yes lars and the real girl…great great movie!:)


  6. That photo is so beautiful! You are a photography goddess, girl! We have to get together soon, by the way!

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