Counting Sheep

Quiet settles over the kitchen like a soft blanket, as the hands of the clock continue their journey around to the AM hours. The gentle hum of the laptop is the only sound, punctuated by rapid spurts of key-tapping when the words begin to flow again. In the dead of night, with fewer distractions to get in the way, I tend to accomplish much more work and brainstorming is possible than in the daytime which most other people spend their waking hours. Allowing my mind to wander, following random lines of thought and then coming back to a focus once more, this is the only way that I can truly write with ease. While the rest of the house is fast asleep, that light in the kitchen keeps me company.

By the time I begin to wrap things up, I wonder how many bakers are beginning to wake for their pre-dawn shifts. 3 AM, 4 AM; the times that average people would be loathe to think about opening their eyes at. An insomniac with an excuse, I no longer try to fight it or count sheep to lull myself into a tired state… And while I may have given up on those fleecy animals, that doesn’t mean they’ve given up on me.

Try as they might, coffee at the ready so that they might be able to outlast my restlessness, I can always see them fading as the hours creep onward. Eyes closing, flickering open, and struggling to stay that way, it’s clear that this poor little guy got stuck with a tough job indeed. When my stream of thought finally runs dry and it’s time to head off to bed, it’s then that I notice that this diligent worker has actually beaten me to it.

It really is getting late when even the sheep give up.

36 thoughts on “Counting Sheep

  1. Aw, your little sheep is adorable. Am I the first commenter? Apparently I need a little sheep of my own! LOL. Is this one a pattern of your own? I love seeing all your creations. I hope you keep a scrapbook or photo album of them all.

  2. Ooooooooooooooooh so cute ! Nice !

    I want, it is too cute! It’s really nice what you did with your hands, well done, as usual it’s unbelievable !

  3. Aww, sweet dreams Hannah and your new friend! I really must try and learn how to do things like this because all of your creations are stunning. I would love to be able to give sweet little things like this to friends and family.

    Although this is not knitting- or crochet-related, I thought you might like some of my friend’s work. She handmakes stuffed bears and sloths. Despite some of her materials not being vegan-friendly (e.g. mohair) her work is beautiful and her sloths are very cute. Her website is

  4. I honestly don’t know which I adore more – your culinary and craft creations or your writing about them! Adorable as always :-)

  5. I love it!! Your stories are wonderful and have inspired me to start writing again. Keep using your talent to the fullest–it is a great gift!
    ~Fruit Freak

  6. Aw, that was such a beautiful written post! Not only is your culinary skilly bursting with creative, organized flare but I really LOVE the little knit/crochet folk you add, like that adorable little lamb! It’s just to cute! I need to get my hands on the “stich and bitch” and the “happy hooker” books… Thanks!=)

  7. These are adorable!

    Yes, it is the Natural Gourmet Institute! I’m very excited! The program is only 4 months long, so if the offer is still on the table when I get back, maybe we can still work together!

    I emailed your boss a while ago, but she has yet to get back to me.

  8. Where did you ever find such a cute sheep pattern – he is adorable. I am sure everyone wants to make one after seeing this cutie.

  9. Well at least I am not the only one awake in the wee hours of the morning due to no ability to sleep. I love your little lamb and even though she gave out before her job was done she was sweet company. Get some rest, you deserve it.

  10. i love staying up late… too bad i have classes in the morning! staying up late and getting up early aren’t very compatible. very cute sheep!

    psst. someone else mentioned it being your birthday. i’m not sure if it’s the exact day but i know it’s pretty close. happy birthday! : )

  11. So wonderful! You make me want to take up knitting and crochet! I don’t think I’d be any good at it, but I would love to make cute little toys for my cats to play with, and stuff them with nip (the toys, not the cats!).
    I just love your creations!

  12. I want a sheep, too cute! I need to take up crocheting, all of your creations are unbelievable, and it seems like a great way to relax (or pass the night away).

  13. ohhhhh Hannah this is just TOO cute.. the poor little guy- he was tuckered out!

    ive been having the same night owl-syndrome.. im up at 2.. pacing around the house for hours until i get dragged back to bed..

  14. Loooove these! They made me smile :)
    I shared 3 of them on my Facebook. Everyone needed the lift.
    I want those Crochet A Day and Knit A Day calendars!!! But no computer out here in the country, and no stores close that sell them. Just viewing with my iPhone.

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