Viva la VitaMix, Part Two

As if I wasn’t already smitten with this machine after the first few tests, then I’m completely, unabashedly head-over-heels for it now.  Soups and smoothies have been churning out of that thing endlessly and effortlessly, but moreover, I’ve finally been able to unleash its full potential.  That’s right- There’s still a whole other world of tasks that the VitaMix can perform, and I couldn’t wait to see if it would be up to the challenges. Arming the base with a shiny new dry blade and carafe, it was time to see what this baby was really capable of.

Something I’ve secretly lusted after for the longest time is a grain mill. Sadly, the expense, bulk, and somewhat limited functionality ensured that such a gadget would never be a part of my life. Now, I have another [much happier] reason to take it off of my list; The VitaMix can grind just about anything down to a fine powder in seconds flat.

It sounded too good to be true, and initially my skepticism prevented me from trying it out. Pouring in those hard red winter wheat berries felt about as comfortable as loading up my old blender with a cupful of nails. I didn’t want to ruin my brand new toy! Fingers and toes crossed that all would go as planned, I flipped the switch…

And right before my eyes, those uninviting kernels dissolved into a soft, familiar flour. The flavor was another thing though- So much fresher and heartier than any whole wheat flour I’ve encountered so far, I now understand the benefit of grinding it at home.

Here’s where things get even crazier: Back into the VitaMix my fresh flour went, along with water, salt, and all of the usual suspects for making a basic dough, and with a few flicks of the switch and pauses to scrape down the sides with a spatula, it all came together smoothly, with no hand-kneading. This is one feature that I was honestly prepared to dislike, seeing as I love to knead bread by hand and figured that this would only make for more dishes to wash in the end. The mighty VitaMix definitely proved me wrong though, and whipped together this dough like a charm. Again, it cleans itself with just a squirt of soap, a few cups of warm water, and two minutes on high speed. What’s not to like?

With my hassle-free dough, simple pastries seemed to be in order, so out came the rolling pin. Cut into circles, rolled thinly, and stuffed with more remnants languishing in the fridge, it was definitely a win-win situation. In case you want to make similar empanadas, or turnovers, or whatever you want to call them, just remember to mark which pastries have which filling. My key is as follows: One steam vent was cut into those with “nutella,” two for peanut butter, and those containing strawberry jam got three slashes.

I was about ready to call it a day at that point, but inspiration struck and I realized that with this powerful tool, I could finally conquer one culinary goal that has been on my to-do list for as long as I can remember. Without a second thought, I went full-speed ahead into the process of creating homemade pasta.

A handful of spinach turned my batch a lurid shade of green, and of course, the VitaMix had no trouble pureeing the leaves even though I decided to add them at the last minute, right on top of my nearly-mixed pasta dough.

The extra moisture from the greenery necessitated a bit more flour than originally called for, but I could hardly call this process the least bit difficult. Much to my delight, I was rolling in rustic fettuccine in no time.

So really, do you need any more reasons to dump your old food processor and just get a VitaMix already?!

63 thoughts on “Viva la VitaMix, Part Two

  1. That machine is something else, I looked into their web site and it is just amazing what you can do with it. Here in Israel they cost about double your price :-(

  2. I love that you can grind your own flour! Too cool. I use my kitchenaid for pasta, never would have even thought to try a blender for that. But it’s good to know the motor can handle all that.

  3. Omg, you are just killing me with that machine!! I wanted a electric grain mill after seeing in it a electronic trade show. But it is pricey with only one function. Now, that Vitamix is a magic machine!

  4. Oooh, my mom and I both share a strong covet for that VitaMix. However, I already have so many blending gadgets with my food processor, Magic Bullet, and big unused juicer blender gifted from a friend when she moved. Buying one seemed impractical cost, space and need wise… but now I’m tempted to start looking again!

  5. That is so cool how you can make your own flour and pasta!!! I love the pastries, they look so delicious.

    I’ve already been convinced I need a Vita-Mix long ago yet the price is whats keeping it out of reach for me =(

  6. Those pastries are making my mouth water! I am lucky enough to say that I own a Vita-Mix, but I have never been brave enough to make flour with it. Beautiful pasta too!

  7. yeah i have to say, these posts are getting me more antsy. i imagine they´ll cost approximately 42 trillion dollars here in iceland though.

  8. Just a few more months…I swore I wouldn’t buy any new kitchen equipment before our move but a Vita Mix is on the top of my list. The empanadas look great!

  9. Sounds too good to be true… Sorry about my skepticism, but i have heard that at times the blade will through grain around without milling all of them, leaving some in broken pieces. Did you have any trouble? did you have to remill any of the berries?

    Have you tried making flour from any other grain: rice, etc? I am going gluten free, so I would really love to have my own mill for that purpose…

    Thanks for the review… and, oh, i am so jealous now.

  10. How exciting! This is really funny because at the cafe I manage, we grind our own hard red winter wheat berries in a vita-mix daily and make a dough with the flour, water, and apple cider vinegar. It surely is loud, but try grinding chickpeas and you might need to wear ear plugs ;)

  11. I am FASCINATED by this Vitamix thing! They should probably pay you for the kind of advertising you are giving them, because you practically have me sold and 1) I am pretty sure I can’t get one over here and 2) I don’t have a real kitchen. :)

  12. I just got a cuisine art blender food processor combination. It didn’t live up to my expectations, I am getting closer and closer to selling those and getting a vitamix.

    Homemade pasta is something I have been wanting to make for a while too. I believe I have a machine somewhere in my house. Looks great!

  13. don’t forget to grind those lovely flax seeds too (my husband goes through more of that then I do with his protein shakes).

  14. I used to work in a higher-end culinary store and we sold two models of the vita mix. A lot of people bought it instead of a juicer since it can pretty much liquify most fruits. Thus, you keep the fiber with the juice. The more expensive model is so powerful it creates heat and you can dump in tomatoes, spices and soymilk and get hot tomato soup out of it. It’s pretty cool, if not really expensive and LOUD (hello — the motor is as powerful as a lawn mower’s)

  15. Are you trying to make me spend $400 on a blender?? Not that I don’t want to, but my husband might hunt you down…

    (kidding…I hope that was clear, hehe)

  16. I don’t have one at home, but I’ve seen the wonder of this machine at my part-time job at Sur La Table.

    By the way, I love your turquoise background.

  17. I am loving all the VitaMix posts – I have a secret crush on it!!!
    And that spinach fettuccine just looks so vibrant and delicious!

  18. Hannah-
    I can’t tell you how much I needed that more vita-encouragement! I keep hearing WONDEFUL things about the vita-mix from an assortment of bloggers, and I definatly have to say, it seems like a very worthy tool, despite the price. DId you get the original modal? Did someone (family/friend I’m assuming) just give you one or did you win one? Those ” wheat berry snack pockets” look devine and so homemade… how do you think of these things!? And that fresh spinach fettachini must have been a billion times better than store bought! =)

  19. I used to work at a juice bar and we used vitamixes to make smoothies…they seriously will blend anything! I am asking for one for my college graduation in a few months! Who needs a car when you could have an awesome blender?? And holy crap, I need to make “nutella” empanadas!! Immediately if not sooner! Did you bake or fry yours or both??

  20. you don’t need to pregrind flax seeds in the vitamix, just add whole ones to your smoothie ingredients and it will pulverize them along with everything else.

    as to grinding grains/beans–if you are on a gluten free diet, you want this. It will turn any grain or bean into flour. Just make sure to get the $500 package that comes with a dry (flour) container, not just the wet container.

    After finally getting a vitamix after holding off for 3 years, I have to say that it feels like it was a waste of 3 years to wait this long (really!). If you want a vitamix and are waiting for your blender to die first, my advice is, don’t. Just order the vitamix.

    Once you have it you’ll get a sense of how great it is, and if you are skeptical, you can try it for either 30 days and send it back for full refund (even used) if you don’t like it. It is a solid company.

  21. As to the vitamix not being available locally–it isn’t available “locally” anywhere but at the factory.

    The company operates its storefront on the web and by mail order and phone order, and it is not available in any stores I am aware of.

  22. All these VitaMix posts are definitely enough to convince me to shell out all the money for a new blender! Gosh it seems fantastic. I must get my hands on one! If only I was not a poor 20-something year old!

  23. oh hannah,
    you are so infinitely deserving of that magical item, and yet still i am fighting back feelings of crazy envy! The vitamix really seems like such an incredible and fun wonder-tool.

    I’m glad you are having such fun with it!

  24. Oh man I want a VitaMix soooo badly. Don’t quite have the cash for it right now though.

    Off topic: I just made your Whoopie Pies – aaamazing!

  25. Wow, I have been dying for one. With DH getting laid off and the tough finances right now, will have to put it off awhile longer. I will just live vicariously through you though. You always amaze me!

  26. Ok, I am totally and completely green with envy! I had no idea that the Vitamix could grind wheat! I just bought a bunch of wheat, but have to go to my mom’s house to grind it (she has a grinder). The Vitamix does EVERYTHING!

  27. I didn’t know much about the vitamix before but yes now you’ve convinced me I must have one! I’ve also been lusting over a grain mill for a while and if the vitamix can do that and other things… then I think I must get it! Your pastries look so amazing.

  28. I have a vitamix too and absolutely love it. Green smoothies every morning! :) Nothing chews up kale leaves like a vitamix, that’s for sure.

    For the many readers you have who seem to be yearning for a Vita-Mix after reading your post, here’s a coupon to save $35…please pass it on!

    Order directly from Vita-Mix and get free standard shipping when you quote the code 06-003915
    Call: 1 (800) 848-2649 Ext. 2303 or order online:

  29. I have had a vita mix for 1 year now and just started grinding my own
    flour out of different grains. I have done Whole Wheat, Kamute, and Spelt. Just love it. Only takes about 1 minute for 20 oz. When you do mill you should use up the grain in 3 days otherwise the oxygen will oxidize some of the vitamins.

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