VegFest; the Aftermath

Wow… Just, wow. After that incredible onslaught of people, products, and free food, I’m still a bit shell-shocked. There’s no way to sum up this past Saturday at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, so all I’ll say is thank you to everyone who checked out my book, chatted with me, or saw my demo. I nearly jumped ship before that demo, I was so nervous… So for anyone who waited around long enough to watch me massacre that cake, and then were so kind as to laugh at my odd comments, you guys were the real stars of the show!

There was no extra time to check out the other vendors or snap many pictures, but so far I’ve found a few [incredibly sweet!] comments about my act on Anali’s First Amendment, and an action shot taken by Simple Moth.

So who else was there, and what did you think of the event?

23 thoughts on “VegFest; the Aftermath

  1. I so wanted to come to this, since my brother lives in Boston. Didn’t work out with it being the day after Halloween, and I was even more disappointed when I heard you would be speaking there! It sounds like it was a fun day, I’m sorry I missed it :)

  2. I feel so bad that I missed this! I really wanted to see you in action and hear your decorating tips for layer cakes!!! I am hoping you will do more of these. I’m not surprised you are getting good reviews, Hannah! You are definitely in your element when you are working with all your food goodies and it shows!!! Keep smiling and showing off those dimples! Hugs to you! I sent you an email.

  3. Sorry to butt in here, but I couldn’t find an email address for you and the media contact address on the My Sweet Vegan website does not seem to be active (it’s been several weeks since I sent an email and haven’t got any response).

    I’m a journalist and among other subjects I review vegan cookbooks for the online magazine Suite101, which receives over ten million readers a month. I have already reviewed Vegan With A Vengeance, Vegan Express, Vegan Lunch Box and most recently the vegan Italian cookbook Nonna’s Italian Kitchen. I’ve had great experiences with vegan baking and I would love to review My Sweet Vegan, as well.

    It would be great if you could reply to me by email (or forward this message to someone at your publisher who actually reads their email).

  4. I wish I could have gone, sounds really cool and you probably did a great job. Is there anyway we can figure out where you’re going to be (if you are still doing demos, book related stuff etc.)? Thanks!

  5. I wasn’t there, but I’d love to go to something like that. I think I’m going to have to keep an eye out for events like that near me in the future.

    That photo of you is lovely, you look so pretty on it!

  6. I was there. I didn’t stay for your demo though, sorry. I couldn’t beleive how packed the vending areas were this year. They had a lot of good samples and sellers this year. I thought, on the whole, it was better than last year’s festival.

    I wasn’t expecting to be buying a cookbook, but who can say no to desert?! :-) I am happy with my cookbook and tried it out on Sunday, I made the black bottom brownies, which turned out well. :) Thanks for coming and creating such a great book! I am definitely looking forward to trying out many more of your recipes.

  7. I really didn’t think it could get any more packed than it was last year, but it did. I don’t know if you walked around at all, but it was basically impossible to move around. I’m hoping they either hold it at a new venue next year or find a way to expand in the building.

    I’m thrilled because I got to buy some Teese without ordering it online. Woohoo! Pizza, here I come.

    Next time you’re in the Boston area for something, please let me know.

  8. i had a good time there as well; but second #10 and #11; it was extremely packed. I wouldn’t want to go back unless it was held at a venue with twice the space; and/or a larger/better lecture space for the talks.

    i wonder if MIT could host it next year….or another university; they have great lecture halls and large spaces for things like this.

  9. now im glad i didn’t make it if it was that crowded! i was too late, and was so annoyed at being stuck in traffic for over an hour that i went back home again..

    but if i had gone i surely would have been so overwhelmed with all the poeople there.. i get SO nervous around tons of people. (think that comes from being lost in huge crowds as a little kid.. lol)

    i will go next year if its at a bigger venue!!!

  10. Hi,
    It was great meeting you at the BV festival! We really wanted to stay for your demo, but I had to get back to my kiddos. My son had a soccer game at 3. I am sure you did fabulous!
    I agree it was way too crowded, I thought that last year was bad, but this was worse. I really hope they move it next year!
    Crazy Vegan Mom

  11. I had so much fun! although in the beginning it was REALLY crowded, once some people left and it was possible to move i loved it! it’s awesome coming to something like that after being at a college where “vegan”=alien.
    It was really cool to meet you as well! and i don’t think you did a bad job on that cake! gave me the confidence to try and make a layer cake for my family this thanksgiving! you did a great job with the demo!

  12. Hi Hannah!

    My daughter Kiera and I were thrilled to meet you at the festival. She was totally dissapointed about the no animals there (yours I mean), but we still had a good time! It was so packed with people that we could barely take it! It was so hot there, and getting to see anyone was a HUGE challenge! Next time I know that for next year, I will leave my little one at home, it was way too much for her! She was so happy to see the people and we thank you again for signing your cookbook to her. I am so sorry that we missed out on your demo, but I really had to get her home. As thrilled as she was that all of the food there was “special” (it is our code word for vegan food, she is only 3 and it is the only way she currently knows to tell people that she cant try their food or milk) and got to sample lots of things, she was also so happy to go outside when all was said and done! You did great considering all the folks that were there, I would have been nervous! We are looking forward to baking some of your treats for her THanksgiving at school!

    ~Emily and Kiera

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