Cookie Monster

Dark, overcast, and rainy days always seem to propel me into the kitchen. Seeking refuge from the threatening clouds, there’s no place I’d rather be than in from of a hot oven or warm stove. These conditions demand comfort food to ward off the gloomy feelings, so it’s never fancy fare, but it tends to soothe more than just an empty stomach.

On a gloomy evening such as this, I had just taken a sheet of fresh chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and set them on a rack to cool. Their sweet scent filled the air, pushing out that damp, chilly feeling invading from outside, and brightened up the whole house. Still, there was some ominous feeling that I just couldn’t shake. Wind rattled the window panes, creating an eerie sound far too similar to footsteps for comfort. Every now and then a stray acorns would drop onto the roof with a *plunk!* as squirrels scurried about collecting them. Creaking floor boards seemed amplified amidst the cacophony, and boy, was it ever noisy for one quiet and nearly empty house!

Somewhat rattled, I instinctively sought out those warm cookies, hoping to sink into a cozy chair with one or two and forget the disquieting sounds. Reaching out to grab one, my hand grazed something entirely different…

Drawing in a sharp breath, a moment of sheer terror enveloped my mind, freezing me in place. This is one malevolent-looking creature that I did not want to mess with… But there it was, stealing homemade cookies right off of the rack! Creeping slowly around to get a better view and assess the situation, it was a matter of moments before this monster was looking me straight in the eyes.

Smiling ear to ear (or horn to horn, perhaps?), this was not the face that I expected to see! Perfectly content to eat a few cookies and leave in peace, there was no need to ruffle any feathers; he must have been simply trying to escape the ugly weather as well. Although I was thankful that this monster was only after sweets, I still wish he hadn’t broken in and stolen baked goods right out from under my nose.

So let that be a lesson to you; Keep a close eye on your treats, because there are some ravenous cookie monsters out at large…

Happy Halloween everyone!

45 thoughts on “Cookie Monster

  1. Ha ha! Love the way the little monster is sitting with his back towards us, secretly munching on you cookies.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. he totally has to be the cutest little thing i’ve EVER seen! oh my gosh – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! he’s just too cute & too awesome! i love his little teeths! ahahahahaha! yay!

    happy halloween to you too, Hannah! i hope it’s the best one yet!

  3. I’ve been baking plenty of cookies too as of late. Luckily no cookie monsters though. Although I might like having this cute little guy around, even if he nabs a few cookies. : )

    Oh and it was great meeting you yesterday at the Veg. Festival in Boston! I loved your demonstration! I got a nice picture of you and wrote up a post too.

  4. Hannah-
    Your blog is absolutely adorable! I love the crystal clear photos of your baked goods to your adorable hand made stuffed “creatures”. Thanks for the entertainment! I also have a copy of My Sweet Vegan and the recipes are mouth watering perfection! I have yet to create as gorgeous sweets as you, but I’m working on it!

  5. Hannah, That cookie monster is tooooo cute………but I am not surprised! All your creations are! As usual, I love the story that goes with the little beast! You should write children’s books!

  6. SO cute!! I don’t know how you find the time to bake, create new recipes and cookbooks and make such insanely cute little things! For me it’s one or the other.

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