The Kindness of Bloggers

Some of the nicest people you will ever meet, or at least share online communications with, are all bloggers. I don’t know how it happens, but every single blogger that I’ve come in contact with thus far has been thoughtful, encouraging, and generous to a fault. Take for example, Steph. We’ve played comment tag a few times, and in one particular message, I mentioned how curious I was about wattleseed, which she has used numerous times in many alluring recipes. It’s something of a specialty spice found only in Australia, and I had been dying to get my hands on it. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Steph was so kind as send a sachet of not only ground wattleseeds, but also whole, in addition to a bonus packet of lemon myrtle leaves. While the latter has yet to find its way into a dessert, I wasted no time in experimenting with this mysterious spice.

That isn’t to say that it was easy to pick out a final destination for those seeds. Oh no, I waffled over a myriad of recipes, debating whether they would be best baked, toasted, or frozen. Should it be a fruit dessert, or something purely sweet? Would a plain vanilla background be best to showcase it, or would it play well with others? Thankfully, there’s enough wattleseed to go around for a number of different applications, so this is only one of many to come.

Baked as squares just for a little change of pace, these tender muffins sport plump dried figs and candied pecans, in addition to the featured spice. While I ended up wishing I hadn’t gone so light on the wattleseed, trying to reserve them for other uses, the subtle flavor was truly a delight; adding in hints of coffee with a slightly nutty undertone, I don’t know why this wonderful spice isn’t more readily available in the states!

Plus, I’m a sucker for those little black specks- They remind me of vanilla beans, which I absolutely adore. I just wish I taking exact measurements and written them down, but alas, there’s no recipe to share this time around. It won’t be long before I use this incredible seed again though, all thanks to Steph!

Talk about perfect timing; it just so happened that the theme of this month’s Sugar High Friday is spices, so this is my entry!

27 thoughts on “The Kindness of Bloggers

  1. Lucky you! I’ve also been terribly curious about wattleseeds, having heard about them from a few Aussie bloggers. Those muffins look gorgeous! And I have to agree with you–bloggers are, truly, some of the greatest people I’ve ever “met”!! :)

  2. you are very welcome! and i just picked up today’s mail a few minutes ago–i love the little tiramisu slice! so sweet…it will have a special place in my kitchen…thank you!

    these muffins look delicious, and i like the square shape!

  3. I have never heard about this spice before. Really nice Steph sent you some! Of course, to be a part of your baked goods is just perfect for watleseed!

  4. Mmmmm…wattleseed AND lemon myrtle – lucky girl! Wattleseed scones and soup with lemon myrtle on the side are favorites of mine. Haven’t had any since 2006, but your post brings fond memories. Must have DMum-In-Law mail some right away! :-)

  5. Those sound so delicious! I’ve never heard of wattleseed before. I hope I can get my hands on it sometime.

    I can’t wait until we can find some time to meet up!

  6. how awesome of her to send you the wattleseeds! that’s too sweet! and i am in love with the square muffins. they look amaaaaaaaaaaazing, Hannah! mmmmmmmmmm! looking forward to more wattleseed yummies! hooooray!

  7. I agree – bloggers are awesome! How great of Steph to send you wattleseeds, which is such an adorable name.

    I love the square muffins. Great job on this recipe!

  8. I’ve never heard of wattleseeds before. That was super nice!
    Thank you Steph for sending Hannah more inspiration (as if she needs it).

    Someone needs to start an import business.

  9. You are so fortunate to receive such elusive seeds! I can only imagine how wonderful those lovely muffins taste.

    I love to say wattleseed!

  10. I’ve never heard of the spice but it sounds delicious! I love the little black specks as well, it makes the muffins look so much more mouthwatering!

  11. Those look so wonderful. I’ve never heard of wattleseeds. I might have to do a google search now. HaHa. And I agree, bloggers are so sweet. I was just talking to Mr. Beagle about that this morning when a sweet blogger emailed me a recipe that I had commented about. :)

  12. You are so right about the food blogger community… I have never heard of wattleseeds but now I want to get my hands on it. Steph could start an export biz. These square muffins look and must taste amazing.

  13. ooh Yum yum! thank you Steph for sending her the wattleseed! (^_^) By the way, eventhough I’m not a vegan I love your perusing your site. Keep up the great work!

  14. wattleseed, I had no idea. did you know those little square cakes look like the thing I’d most like to try hot from the oven right now? wow!

  15. I’ve never heard of wattleseeds but your description of them makes them sound delicious! And I love the idea of candied pecans in baked goods. Plus how cute are those square little muffins. I need (yes need) more baking pans!! =)

  16. hi hannah,
    it’s annie from sticks and stones farm…somehow got onto your pics from sue’s website and was awed by your photos!
    i am in the process of buying my first digital SLR and am wondering what you use and if you have any advise! I need to keep it under $1000, am looking at a Canon Rebel XSI and a Nikon D80. Want ability to do close ups and wide angles of nature and cooking and zoom for when i’m in hawaii (whales, surfers etc) a good dual lense now and maybe add lens later on?

  17. Hi Hannah,

    Wow! What great feedback for a product I created way back in the 1980s. Can I invite your readers to my website and particularly to explore the history of Wattleseed and lemon myrtle and more.

    I have tried for years to get my products into the USA but it has been a challenge in retail. However, I’m sure the time will come when the market is sufficiently aware of the product through blogs like yours that it won’t be such a task to educate people as to how to use my range of flavors. It was one reason I created Dining Downunder which you can see on Joost, Hulu or YouTube.

    We do ship a lot of product direct to customers who have visited our on-line store with popular items being Lemon myrtle sprinkle, Fruit spice, Alpine pepper, Aussie Furikaki (a Japanese-style seasoning with an Aussie twist) and of course, Wattleseed – our most often purchased product.

    Hannah, thanks for your great blog and helping to expose the delicious delights Australia has to offer. And remember, the products are also extremely healthy, so much so that we will even be launching Kakadu Juice in the USA this February. It’s all on my website and I invite your readers to visit and comment on my own blogs.

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