A Day Late and a Cookie Short

The most astute of you out there may have already realized this, but today is not, in fact, Friday. I may have missed my own cut-off date for the raffle, but I could have never even imagined that such an overwhelming number of people would respond! Little by little, I’m still working my way through the emails, reading every last comment, and I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your enthusiastic help. For everyone who asked to be a tester and still hasn’t heard from me, just sit tight; I’m sending out the responses as fast as I can type.

And for everyone who commented, wanting to test or not, one of you is going to get a box of chocolate chip cookies very soon! Using a random number generator to pick out the winner, it looks like the lucky commenter will be…

#101, LeAnn!

Thanks again for all of the helpful suggestions, and for those who didn’t win, there will certainly be more chances soon enough. Just stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “A Day Late and a Cookie Short

  1. We can all understand “busy”! Glad you had such a great response (but sorry I didn’t win–ha ha!). And your photos just keep getting better and better :)

  2. thank you for your sweet reply….
    and i will for sure be purchasing your cookbook when it comes out…
    i will not be with out an oven forever…that would be criminal :)
    good luck with everything….

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