My Heart Melts for You

Last-minute gifts are truly the norm for Valentine’s day, especially when it comes to edible offerings. Being something of a cynic, this simple fact just validates my belief that this is one useless holiday, not worth remembering until the date itself even for couples so deeply in love. Of course, it’s also true that all food is best when fresh, so I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt and pass along this quick dessert idea, just in case you were holding out for that perfect edible expression.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit embarrassed to be posting about this. Unarguably delicious and beautiful, yes, but I barely can even consider this homemade. At its core, it’s nothing but chocolate ice cream smushed into a heart-shaped silicon mold and paired with raspberry sauce. But here’s where the creativity comes in: That ice cream could be any flavor you or your sweetie desires, homemade no less, and the same goes for that sauce. Since I barely had enough time to let these freeze in the first place, and no significant other to speak of, I hope you’ll forgive my lax approach this time. Now, here’s your chance to make this idea shine, so go forth and woo!

[This is also my entry for Zorra’s event, A Heart for your Valentine]

33 thoughts on “My Heart Melts for You

  1. yeah! I like your idea. Anyhow, one thing that’s romantic is not spending all night in the kitchen making dessert. :)
    Valentine’s Day is certainly a weird holiday. This year I’m making something sweet for my Grandpa, because my grandma just died in the fall… it’s his first time in 71 years without a valentine! My grandma was seriously hardcore about not celebrating holidays like valentine’s day, but I know my grandpa would be sad if we didn’t do a little something. He’s much more sentimental than she ever was!

  2. Very creative and prettily (is that a word?) presented. I’d definitely eat that up quickly! You know, wouldn’t want it to melt and all. ;)

  3. Great photo! And I’m like you, I don’t think of things to do till the last minute. My v-day gifts to famliy/friends will be late this year (and small, just a recipe booklet of sweets!)

  4. I can’t believe you don’t have a sweetheart seeing as how you’re the cutest persons inside and out! I think you must be very shy outside of this blog and all I can say is: we would all love you EVEN MORE in person than we do on your blog. You’re wonderful! Happy Valentine’s!

  5. Hannah, you and me both – where are the guys?!?!?! I’m still searching for Mr. Right – I wish he’d come around and say, “here I am!” :0D

    I’ll be posting my entry for Zorra V-Day event; but I doubt it’ll look as good as yours does – I love it!!

  6. haha, all I can think is that the heart is going to melt away, much like sweet sweet early romance. (me? a cynic? yes!). But that’s what’s so cute about it!

  7. What a lovely idea. Like what others here have said, it doesn’t matter about the degree of homemade-ness, but the gesture that counts. :D V-Day hasn’t lost all its meaning aye.

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