Deck the Halls with… Cupcakes?

“A CHRISTMAS tree, in our house?! Never!”, my mother would reprimand me when I suggested a new holiday decoration in the form of pine needles and twigs. Coming from a long line of observant Jews and nothing else, it should have come as no surprise that my parents wouldn’t budge on the subject, but the holiday symbols have come to mean something completely different from their religious origins. Anything that has that certain holiday cheer to it, that indescribable seasonal joy, be it a menorah, stocking, or snowman simply turns my heart into marshmallow fluff. All that matters is the celebration, not the ritual. And so I persisted like the annoying gnat I imitate so well now, and for the first time last year, I was finally given permission to bring that other holiday’s symbol into our home. Of course, there were conditions- It was to be small, very small, so small it might get lost in the jungle of dishes that is our kitchen. December 31, it was to be gone, no questions asked. And of course, it was my own rule that prevented me from ripping a healthy little sapling out of the ground, and so artificial tinsel on a wire frame it was!

Affectionately named “Filbert,” the mere sight of the one foot-tall, glittery shrub brings a smile to my face.

Since this is the second year that Filbert has come out of hibernation, you would think that I’ve already fashioned eight dozen miniature ornaments to outfit him in, but alas, the holidays always pass so quickly- The poor bush still has little more than the blue orbs he was purchased with. Although this year is no exception in terms of its hectic pace, I’ve at least taken the time to give him a more personal affect, and one that says a lot about where my mind has been lately: A tiny felt cupcake.

At this rate, I might be able to fill all of Filbert’s stubby branches by the year 2025, but hey, it’s a start.

And in the spirit of the holidays, I thought I might just share this simple design with you, and perhaps you might find the inspiration to start replacing your own store-bought ornaments with handmade gems, too. Since Filbert is so tiny, I might suggest enlarging this pattern 2 or 3 times for a regular-sized tree, lest it get lost in all of the greenery. It’s another dead-easy project that could be enjoyed by crafters of any skill level, so get out the kids and let them make their own cupcake ornaments, too!

First of all, click here, [enlarge if desired], print and cut.

To assemble, all you need to do is cut 2 frosting shapes out of your desired frosting-colored felt, and 2 cake shapes out of your desired cake colored felt. Sew one frosting to one cake along the dotted line, and repeat for the other pair. Attach bugle beads to the frosting to imitate sprinkles. Hold the two sides together with the right sides facing out, and starting from the left bottom corner, whip stitch the pieces together. Pause when you get down to the bottom right side (leaving the bottom open) to attach a length of embroidery floss for the hanger/loop, lightly stuff, and then sew closed. Have a happy tree!

21 thoughts on “Deck the Halls with… Cupcakes?

  1. Maybe I should start with a small tree next year. Even though I grew up with them, since going out on my own I’ve never seemed to find the time….
    Your cupcake ornaments are so adorable! Good enough to eat for sure. And thanks for the instructions…. they sound like such fun to make!!

  2. That is so adorable. I was trying to think of what kinds of ornaments I could make by hand since I’m moving out in the spring and I’ll have my own tree next year. This is such a cute idea!

    I agree with you- it’s the celebration that counts, not the ritual. As long as people are happy and sharing time with loved ones, that’s all it takes to warm my heart. :)

  3. Hannah, your little cupcake ornament is charming!! I’m so glad that you had the chance to put up a little tree – no need to see the tree as a religious symbol. I must say, we have some pretty unique ornaments on our Christmas tree at home right now – but no cupcakes!! truly adorable.

  4. thanks for sharing! i wish i could see filbert in his full glory though….we’re downsizing and a little late this season, i sent my husband off to work this morning with the task of finding us a small artificial tree no smaller than 4 ft – i wonder what he’ll find and come home with. why i didn’t get it myself? when it comes to christmas trees, i’m sorry to say – he has the last word….

  5. I totally understand how you feel… I guess my family COULD be described as non-practicing Christians, but really we’re a set of not-very-religious people. Christmas for me is a happy celebration, that really has nothing to do with religion. I think a lot of the people I know are similar. Most of my Jewish friends have come from mixed Christian/Jewish families, and celebrate Christmas for the sake of having a party and pretty sparkley things. My boss is Jewish, but we always find little holiday presents in our mailboxes from her, regardless. This year, ghetto-fabulous stuffed candy canes. ^^

    That being said, what an adorable ornament! All of your faux-foods make me feel all warm and fuzzy… and hungry…

  6. Well, if anyone needed a tree, it was you, Hannah! Not because of the religious associations but because you needed someplace to hang your little crafts! The cupcake is adorable. I’m glad you have a pretty place to display it and any future soft goodies you come up with! :)

  7. I love that!! Thanks for the idea! When my Grand kids come this summer, I think we will make Cupcakes for the Christmas tree! LOl Who says you cant have Chrismtas in July?

  8. Thanks so much for the pattern! As I was reading, I was admiring your cupcake and thinking that just maybe I’d try to make something like that for the first time. Win! I’m so excited to decorate my own tiny tree with felt cupcakes.

  9. So cute! I grew up with a big tree in the living room. But even so one year I found we had an old fake one in the eves and got permission to set that one up in my room too. :)

  10. I wish I could be original, but cute was the first thing that came to my mind too! I hope you and filbert enjoy ALL of the holiday festivities!

  11. I read your blog for a little while now and really enjoying it! Thank you for sharing your pattern of this lovely ornament and also for the other patterns and recipes.

    (excuse my maybe poor english, I am from the Netherlands and not used to write english a lot)

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