I’m still in shock. Even though I don’t always write about food, even though I up and disappeared on you guys for a whole week, even though I was up against some seriously incredible food writers out there in the blogosphere, I still won for the Well Fed Network’s 2007 food blog awards for Best Writing. Talk about unbelievable, part of me still wonders if it might all be a joke, and any minute now I’ll get a joking email saying “Ahaha, you fell for our trick!” Well, until I see such an awful message waiting in my inbox, I’ll just have to take your word for it and let you all know how incredibly honored I am, and grateful for all of your support.

Now, I’ll do my best to prove that I deserve this title by returning to a normal pattern of blogging again, since I’m finally back at home and mostly done with school work. If you sent me an email eons ago and are still waiting for a response- Sorry!- I will be sorting through my mess of emails and returning your letters very soon, I promise!

This was the best holiday gift I could ever ask for, and hopefully I’ll find some way to return the favor to every last reader out there who made this possible!

32 thoughts on “Shock

  1. Hi Hannah,
    You do deserve it, your writing style is very engaging. Hope all your exams went ok and that you will hopefully have some free time over the holidays to enjoy doing the things you like best :) BTW I have added you as a friend over on Ravelry – I just got my invite this week and am loving it!

  2. Hannah, I swear, if you didn’t end up winning this award, I would have demanded a recount!! your writing is so captivating, engaging, and imaginative – by far one of the most (if not, THE most) interesting and articulate blogs out there!! kudps on the well-deserved award, my friend!! :0)

  3. Oh, yeah, you TOTALLY deserve it! Every time I make one of your patterns, I read the story that comes along with it to my husband, and we crack up!


    (Oh! — And how slow am I that only in the last couple of weeks did I realize YOU wrote My Sweet Vegan? It’s on my Wists, and if no one gets it for me for Christmas, I’m buying it with my birthday money!! A belated congratulations on your book, too!)

  4. Congratulations Hannah, so well deserved! I have just recently discovered your blog and am totally captivated. I keep sending links to friends saying ‘aw look at this one’, ‘now look at this one’. You are incredibly inspirational.

  5. That’s terrific! Congratulations! I am glad that you are at home resting from Finals. I hope you have time to bake up some goodies while you are on break. My DH got me your book as a early X-mas present and it should arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  6. A very fitting award for your blog, I always enjoy your writing… Ordered your book yesterday and it will arrive in time for xmas, can’t wait to try it out!!

  7. And a well deserved award it is -congratulations!! Yours is one of my favorite blog sites -you’re clever writing style is much appreciated and I love your photography too. I feel you would have been a great candidate for that award also -but that gives you something to shoot for next year. Hope all your exams went well & have a wonderful holiday break!!

  8. I was happy to see a blog that is about more than food get recognized. Too often the food blog world is exclusive. There is more to taste and appetite than edibles.

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