Color Me Surprised

Perusing through my local yarn store for the first time in months, I was horribly distraught by the sign posted on the counter immediately inside the door. 25% off everything!, it screamed. Normally this would be cause for rejoicing, but not this time; This time, it was a final sale, and my only source of high-quality local yarn would be going under in less than a month. Prepared to weep on the floor, I turned my attention to the remaining skeins of fiber and channeled that crushing sadness into some serious retail therapy. Already the once abundant piles of yarn were looking diminished, but as luck would have it, there were still a good number of choices that suited my taste for cool colors. Hunting high and low, I managed to scoop up three balls of the most beautiful variegated blue/green/brown yarn, and it was immediately obvious that these last remnants of a favorite craft store would need to be made into a beautiful but somber winter scarf. It would definitely get plenty of use, and I would be able to remember this landmark every time I put it on, long after the shop itself had closed its doors.

And so, with a hot cup of tea at my side and rain drops slapping the roof like a torrent of mournful tears, I set to work on my memorial scarf. Going back to a pattern that I had already made, loved, and given away, I decided it was only fair that I finally make it for myself. Knits followed purls and yarn-overs like clockwork, but all was not as it seemed. Slowly the ball of yarn unwound, and I found myself moving lengths of different colors that seemed to come out of no where. How had they hidden themselves so thoroughly at the center of that skein? Before I knew what was flying off my needles, I had a long length of scarf sitting in my lap, and hardly an inch of that lustrous blue could be found!

To say that the results were surprising would be like saying that the moon is kind of big. Taken aback at first, I can’t say that it was love at first sight like it had been with the original state of that yarn… but no matter, I dutifully knit through all three skeins and bound off, figuring that at worst it could become another holiday gift. After blocking it out, the colors still didn’t quite strike a chord with me… But I couldn’t deny it, it was slowly growing on me. Surely, it’s not such an ugly scarf in the first place, and moreover, it’s the thought that counts. I know, I know, it’s a corny sentiment, but it’s true- This may very well be the last thing knit with yarn from my one and only local yarn store, so as soon as it had dried and the pins were out, I found myself wrapping it around my neck at any opportunity. Long enough to pull up and hide my nose from the brutal winds that bite whenever I step out for a walk, I’m grateful for what it is, even if it wasn’t what I had expected.

Edit: Due to popular demand, I’ll let everyone know that this yarn is Love It Colors by Berroco, and the specific color scheme is called “Monday Monday.”