Regretful Review

Ever eat so much that it feels like you’re pregnant with a humpback whale, you’ve been filled up with cotton and polyester like a soft toy, you can’t even move because you’re so stuffed but can’t remain sitting up straight due to the strain on your back from that bloated belly hanging past your knees? That’s how I feel right now, and I blame it all on Trader Joe’s. Yes, I adore the place and all of their wonderful creations, but at this moment, I’m cursing their name in between hiccups and burps. They just had to come out with a special holiday edition of their already delectable Joe-Joe’s, including pieces of real crushed candy canes no less, and then flaunt those festive red-striped boxes right in front of my nose? The nerve! Listen to me, my dear readers: Do not buy the Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, whatever you do! Otherwise you’ll attempt crazy stunts like eating the entire box in one sitting, and you too will develop a terribly tummy ache, inconsolably gurgly and burbly with saccharine holiday cheer. I have no pictures for you because… Well… I think you can guess where all the cookies are at this point.

Take my word for it, these cookies are so incredibly addictive, you won’t be able to stop at 1, or 10, for that matter, so don’t even think about tossing them into your cart!

Sorry to make this so short, but I can feel the sugar coma coming any minute now, so if you would excuse me…

22 thoughts on “Regretful Review

  1. makes me glad i hate mint. candy cane cookies? just the thought makes my stomach turn. glad you love them, but it might be better for your long term health if you work on loving them not quite so much :-)

    ps: your writing and photos are fab. fantastic quality.

  2. I’ve been hearing so much about these and despite all the warnings, I still want to try them so very badly! Sigh, I wish a Trader Joe’s would come to Canada.

  3. Hannah-
    If only you would have posted this LAST week you would have saved me the repercussions of the box that I ate over the course of TWO DAYS!! What is wrong with us? I must admit though, they truly are irresistible!

  4. Hmm, I wonder if it was an unofficial over-indulging day. Even after reading your warning about the Joe Joe’s, I proceeded to plow into a fresh baked banana bread loaf eating so much that those very same hiccups (without the pepperminty fresh taste) plagued me as I was just needing to head off to sleep!

  5. oh my god! that is too funny!

    i dont think we want to see pictures now!
    i think i agree with Shannon, where was this wisdom when i was eating my cinnamon rolls i had last week? three in one sitting…. dripping with brown sugar icing… i can still taste them! for christmas i am locking myself in my room far away from all the candy and sweets.

  6. Ahhhh! It’s that time of year again. Damn you for bringing it to my attention… Now I have to visit my TJ’s and stock up for the long Californian nights… ;)

    I am so totally with you on over indulging on these festive sweet-treats.

  7. You’re worse than they are for telling the uninformed about these. As if I don’t spend enough time or money in that store as it is ;)

    — typed while eating a Trader Joes frozen lasagna

  8. Oh man, it’s a good thing the nearest TJ’s is four hours from my house. I love the chocolate Joe-Joes and I REALLY love candy canes… thanks for the warning. ;-)

  9. Fortunately I can resist candy cane flavored stuff. But sometimes the way you describe things makes me want to go against my own knowledge of what I like and don’t like. Stop messing with my head, Hannah! LOL. I think you just made a lot of people happy with that post though! ;)

  10. With no warning on the box or anything!!!!! Of course there should just be a warning on the DOOR! “Everything inside is YUMMY – Please enter at your own gastric risk”

  11. Wish I had read this BEFORE I came to the same conclusion a couple weeks ago. ;) I’ve had to stop myself from buying another box (or 10) ever since! Oh, and my copy of your book shipped today!!

  12. I totally agree with you! But it’s too late for me to see this entry now! I have bought the darn TJ Candy Cane Joe Joe and can’t stop eating it every few minutes! Help~~~~

  13. I’m impervious to your warnings! The first thing I will do when I’m near a Trader Joe’s next week will be to snatch up a box (or two!) of these jo-jo’s everyone’s been talking about… and overdosing on!

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