Letter to a Friend

Dear Knitting,

Oh, how I’ve forsaken you, my original crafting passion! Days and weeks and months pass, and still those two needles are no where to be seen, locked away with the untouched skeins of soft, cotton yarn meant for clothing. You see, it’s just so hard to resist the pull of that crochet hook, what with all its promises of fast, easy projects and instant gratification. There just isn’t enough time for you, knitting, as much as I would love to while away the hours listening to the soft click click of the needles, watching the slow accumulation of piles of stitches as they slowly begin to take form. Just like the good old days, you could be there to save me from the tedium of slow classes, or the interminable waits between them. Sadly, we just haven’t crossed paths it seems, and those needles stay just as cold and disused as ever, tucked away in the dark depths of my closet.

Out of sight does not always mean out of mind, however, and as the afternoon sun fails to warm the earth as it once did in the summer, my thoughts return increasingly to the comfort of hand-knit cloth. Just like clockwork, just as so many food bloggers have noticed that seemingly out of no where, their appetites for hearty, hot, filling stews and rib-sticking meals has returned, so has my desire for knitting. Cued by the falling leaves and dropping temperatures, it just feels like the right thing to do, to return to you once again.

Sure, the going may be slow, but we’ll get through it like we always have in the past, and perhaps even create some comforting winter garb along the way. Scarfs, hats, blankets, socks; I want to make them all this year, and then curl up by the fire with my needles to keep on making more!

My dearest knitting, thank you for your patience- I just know that we’ll have a great time together this season!

11 thoughts on “Letter to a Friend

  1. I do hope your knitting forgives you, after such a lovely-written letter; and look at the scarf that the two of you are working on!! such gorgeous shades of blue!!

  2. Knitting is very forgiving. It will always be there when you need it. I find the click click of the needles very meditative.

    I noticed that I only knit during certain times of the year, just like baking. There is definitely no knitting or baking during the summer months. Of course, this year I started early and my knitting mojo got fueled by the impending baby. But I know sooner or later, the knitting bug will go away replaced by other crafty interests. The knitting will be in the background waiting patiently for me to pick it up again.

    I wish that I had time to crochet all the cute things like you do. I am not fond of putting together little parts, so a lot of crochet projects gets put aside for a time when I have more patience.

  3. I love the texture in this scarf. Is this a pattern or one of your own designs? I’d love to know what it is.

  4. I feel the same way about crochet! I like knitting so much more, but it’s so fast to crochet something up!

    Gorgeous photo of the cables!

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