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Good Old Granola


No matter how many different types of granolas I try, and no matter how many I fall in love with, I just can’t seem to stop browsing through the shelves of boxed grains and picking out new varieties to try. With so many different flavor combinations and formulations that all beg for a place in my bowl, how could I possibly resist? Poking further through the expansive line put out by Nature’s Path that has already proven to include some very tasty options, I couldn’t wait to see what else this reliable brand might bring to the table.

Spicy ginger, nutty cashews, and sweetened oat clusters- What’s not to love? From the moment I laid eyes on the box of Ginger Zing Granola, all I needed to do was read the description and I knew that this would become an instant favorite. Speckled with serious, sizable chunks of cashews, this is a product that makes no bones about the quality of its ingredients- Anyone with eyes can see that much! Pleasingly crunchy, the generous clumps of puffed rice and oats brought with them a bright, zesty ginger flavor that bordered between mellow and moderate, tempered perfectly with a modest sweetness. Being a ginger-lover, I could have sworn that this cereal was made with me in mind, but I’m betting that those who prefer a more tame spice would still enjoy this, perhaps softened with a good slug of soymilk if need be. Factor in the roasted, nutty notes from the cashews and you have a perfectly balanced harmony of flavors and textures. This is one granola that will definitely find its way back into my cupboard, no matter how many other granolas spark my curiosity.

My obsession with all things pomegranate meant that picking up the new creation going by the name of Pomegranate Granola with Cherries was an absolute no-brainer. Pouring out a double serving and watching the contents spill out, I must say I was unhappily surprised to see that unlike most of Nature’s Path’s offerings which include ample amount of add-ins like nuts and fruits, there was a notable lack of dried cherries. At most, there might have been one in every serving- Not enough to really constitute a mention in the title, if you ask me. Nonetheless, they provided a nice burst of tart but sweet flavor and chewiness when they could be found, providing a great contrast and adding interest to the cereal overall. Pomegranate is definitely a difficult flavor to translate into baked good or processed foods like this, so I can’t say for sure that I could identify it if I weren’t told it was included. Tasting lightly fruity but not of any specific fruit, this was still a delicious breakfast to wake up to- Something sweet, healthy, and generally agreeable to a wide range of palates.

Finally, how could any [non-allergic] body resist the siren song of Peanut Butter Granola? Promising to “tempt the taste buds” and claiming to be the first of its kind, I was excited to see how this innovative and enticing cereal measured up to my high expectations. With full peanuts spilling out of every last spoonful, there was no skimping on this mixture of grain and goodies! Intensely nutty, the smell alone filled my head with the memory of peanut butter treats and the creamy spread, so alluring that I could barely wait long enough to even close up the box before shoveling some into my mouth. The taste definitely lives up to the hype- I would have to say it’s a must buy for peanut butter fans! The only draw back is that like full-fledged, pure peanut butter, it’s rather rich, and a bowlful can sit quite heavily in the stomach. Taken in moderate amounts however, this is one decadent cereal delight!

Yet again proving to be a quality company with tasty new products, I don’t think you can really go too far wrong with anything by Nature’s Path, but you can be sure that I’ll keep on trying their new goods… Just to make sure, of course.


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

10 thoughts on “Good Old Granola

  1. Home-ade granola is what I’ve been eating every morning for… a long time! =D


  2. Worried about cherries, make it your self.. it’s easy. =D *Homemade


  3. peanut butter…granola?? I’m in love already!


  4. I eat granola at LEAST 5 days a week, for breakfast – I love it!! Wow, the ginger, peanut butter, AND the pomegranate flavors sound so tempting (ESPECIALLY the peanut butter one – yum!!) I’ll have to consider switching from MY beloved granola, to try one of these flavors :0)


  5. I just tried the peanut butter a couple weeks ago, I loved it! It tasted like the wonderful combo of a peanut butter cookie and soymilk. I agree with you, it is definitely something to eat in moderation!


  6. Hi Hannah. That looks lovely. We don’t get anything as nice as that in the UK!
    Lucky you!

    p.s I have another pattern if you’d like?

    You can have them as freebies as I love your blog. Just let me know and I’ll send it!

    I love the 3rd photo down. Came out rather cute!



  7. Hi Hannah,
    It’s certainly fun to try different varieties. Pomegranate Granola with Cherries, wow, that sounds very interesting and unique.

    Alas, I find that the store bought ones are too fatty and it can’t replicate the fresh taste of home-made granola.


  8. I’m glad to see there are so many flavors to choose from. I guess one would never get bored. I actually like granola to snack on dry but not for cereal. I know, I’m weird. ;)


  9. That is some great granola, Hannah!


  10. I’m trying to eat more granola these days and this review is perfect timing for me! Thanks, as usual, you write great and informative reviews.


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