Festive Fall Cakes

Making seasonal baked goods doesn’t need to be a complicated or difficult ordeal- Forget the intricate designs, because with just basic shapes and a bit of whimsy, I can bet that anyone can appreciate the effort just as much. Take for instance these pumpkin cakes! All you need to do is mix up your favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe and instead of using muffin tins, just pour it into mini-bundt pans. (A recipe that yields one dozen cupcakes will give you approximately six mini-bundts, depending on the size of your pans) The stems and leaves are simply molded out of marzipan and colored with either food dye, or for a more natural approach cocoa and matcha make good brown and green colorings, too. Now I know that I’ve clearly designated my pumpkin cakes here as another Halloween treat, but I’ve just got goblins on the brain is all. Of course this same idea would be great to use all throughout fall, and could possibly make a fun addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table just as well!

19 thoughts on “Festive Fall Cakes

  1. Those are so cute, I have a bunch of Matcha to use up, I never thought of using it as a food colouring. I keep meaning to buy a mini bundt pan, I think you just gave me the push I needed!

  2. as soon as I got to your blog, and saw this festive fall cake, I exclaimed out loud, “OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS” – I’m not kidding, haha. I’ll shout it again: “OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!” :0D too cute, too delicious-looking, too incredible – but that describes EVERYTHING you bake, Hannah!

  3. Very creative! These are adorable. If it was in front of me I’d want to eat it but then not want to eat it because it’s too cute. So I’d take a picture first. LOL.

  4. I didn’t realize you had your own cookbook coming out! :) Wow that’s so awesome. Good for you! Amazon says it will be out on November 2 which is coming up soon, very exciting. :)

  5. This is such a creative idea, Hannah. I think that it will be appreciate for any season.

    p/s: thanks for dropping by my blog!

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