Under the Weather

How cruel fate can be, stacking the cards against you right at the time when you need a helping hand, if anything. Thrilled to leap right into the weekend as soon as my feet hit the pavement on Friday morning, I found myself feeling progressively worse and worse. Soon the pain began pounding on the walls of my stomach, and then radiating upwards to my head, where it chose to take up residence for a good long while. By the time night fell, I knew that my fun plans had a snowball’s chance in hell if I was feeling so wrecked this soon in the game. No more Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, no more Wachusett Mountain Apple Fest, and to make matters insufferable, there was also to be no more baking until I could be certain I wasn’t contagious. What agony! Perhaps the worst part of falling ill isn’t the symptoms of sickness themselves, but the limitations they present when others would rather quarantine you than have you potentially infect them, too.

Hoping desperately that there was an easy way out of this weekend-killing malady, I bundled myself up like a mummy and dashed over to the health clinic, seeking answers that perhaps could rescue my plans.

Conferring first with the kind nurse about the potential to shake this off in an hour or two, I could see a sad but knowing look in her eyes, despite the warm smile she donned to ease my worries. It was all but a foregone conclusion, but since I had come this far, I still proceeded to see the doctor and get the final word on my condition.

Examining me carefully from afar, it seems as though he had hastily made up his mind on a diagnosis before I even had time to sit down. Of course, I’m certain that the blood-shot eyes, crazily tousled hair and bright red nose made things pretty obvious, but I was disappointed to receive so little attention in my time of need. Asking quietly and as sweetly as I could muster, I asked about the possibility of going out this weekend, maybe seeing some people… Or a couple hundred people… But it was no use. Advised immediately to stay in bed, sleep it off, and get lots of warm fluids, this girl got a one-way ticket back to her dorm room. No, it was nothing particularly serious, but it simply wouldn’t do to have me running around town and potentially making things worse, for myself and for others.

And so I missed out on all of the fun happenings I had so looked forward to and I’m sorry to everyone I didn’t get a chance to meet up with. There will be other times, as I keep reassuring myself, so I just hope that I can shake off the last of this cold and start running at 100% again. At least I know that even if I didn’t get the magical cure I was hoping for, the clinic staff here are quite friendly!

20 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. oh no, Hannah!!!! Oh dear, this makes me so sad that you’re ill, and that you missed out on all the fun events happening this past weekend :0( I do hope that you get enough rest, eat adequately, and take it easy, so that you can return to your vibrant-self very soon!!

  2. one miricale cure I found was ctricidal grapefruit seed extract. it dries up the gunk in a cold and makes it easier.
    get well soon honey

  3. Oh poor you, Hannah. It’s really sad to miss something you were looking forward to because you got sick. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I’m so sorry you weren’t feeling well this weekend :( I hope you feel better soon!

    At least you’ve got an adorable medical staff nearby :)

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon, but I see that your usual creativeness has not disappeared!

    2 things.

    I’m working on a pattern in crochet I’m going to put on etsy-could I send it to you to see what you think 1st?

    And secondly, I can get oat supreme easily. My local asda has it and they’re cut back the price for now to 48p (roughly 1$!). I can try and send you some if you’d like!

  6. Sickness seems to come at the most inconvenient of times doesn’t it? How annoying that you couldn’t go ahead with your plans, I hope you feel better though!

    PS. Love the cute little doctor and nurse :)

  7. Aww poor you!
    Nothing worse than getting sick when you are looking forward to going to fun events.
    I hope that you are soon feeling better!
    (Looks like the medical staff are VERY sweet, which is nice!)

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog (looking for pizza rolls of all things) and I HAD to comment and say what a wonderful blog it is! I can’t wait until I have a spare minute to look through all of the recipes and so on! Great work!

  9. hope you’re feeling better. did you crochet the time away? btw, i didn’t know – are you in boston? i’ll be going there for a conference at the convention center in mid november. we’re doing the freedom trail. since we’ll be on foot or dependent on public transportation, do you have any suggestions of nearby must-see yarn or craft shops? love your nurse and doctor – which mine (human ones) were as cute!

  10. Hannah, I hope you are feeling better now! It’s no fun to have a cold during this time of year- or ever, really!
    Have you tried elderberries? I want to spread the gospel of the elderberry- at the first sign of a cold or sore throat, I make a tea with some dried elderberries or some extract, and drink huge amounts of it. 9 times out of 10, it stops the cold dead in its tracks- you have to try it!

  11. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, and hope you’re better soon. I also was surprised to read you were planning to go to the Boston Vegetarian Fair and i didn’t realized you lived in the Boston area. My sister was there and i went there for the weekend, and i went to the fair! What a small world. We have an annual here in Toronto too, but it was nice to see the local and indie product lines.

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