Tea Time

At long last, the mercury has finally begun its reluctant recession back down the thermometer, and more bearable temperatures have come again. I, for one, could not be more thrilled. There’s just something about the crispness of the air, that chilly bite of the wind first thing in the morning, that really makes me want to jump out of bed and start the day early. After enduring such a brutal summer, even 65 degrees feels like winter is just around the corner, and it seems that everyone is taking notice in their own ways. Fewer pairs of shorts sandals can be seen around campus these days, replaced by long pants, thick socks, and perhaps even sturdy boots, in anticipation of what’s to sure to come. As always, it’s not just clothing that’s changing; Tastes are slowly evolving and leaning more towards hot, filling, hearty options, no longer satisfied by the cool and refreshing offerings of summer. For me, the first change isn’t what I’m eating, but instead what I’m drinking.

As an avid tea-lover, I’m so happy to return to a cup of the stuff piping hot whenever the time feels right. Sure, tea can be iced and often is in my household, but with the time involved in waiting for it to steep, cool, and be ready for drinking… It’s just not the same, not nearly as easy and instantly comforting as hot tea. Now I’m stocking up again, and the choices, oh, the choices! Green tea will always win my heart, although even then there are so many choices. Green tea with lemon, chai, mint… The list goes on, and I want to sip, slurp, and guzzle every variant out there. All I need now is my seasonal favorite of gingersnap tea to come back around Christmas time, and since I plan to buy them out the first chance I get, I’ll make sure there will be enough to last for another year.

So what’s your favorite tea, and are you more partial to it cold, or hot like me?

[Mrs. Green Tea Bag pattern from Softies]

25 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Strong English breakfast tea (try Yorkshire Tea – it’s loovvveeely), well-brewed and in a jumbo mug :) Oh, and hot of course. I don’t think chilled teas will ever be that big in the UK :)

  2. I’m more of a coffee person myself, but I do like a refreshing cup of green tea every once in a while. So I LOVE your little “tea” kanji – what a great detail!

  3. I’m definitely on the same page as you, Hannah. Hot, green tea is always my go-to tea, I always have it every mid-morning. I just tried pomegranate green tea last week and it was quite lovely.

    PS-Mrs. Green Tea Bag is adorable! I just want to pinch her little cheeks.

  4. Was just on my favorite tea site! With my first pregnancy, I became obsessed with loose tea. Through blogs I found Adaigo’s tea. I love the ingenui-TEA pot. The sample set & pot is a fabulous deal. Huge chunks of ingredients & tons of options. If you want to try it out, let me know. I can forward a small gift certificate.

  5. Although I have somewhat of an intolerance to frigid weather (I get cold VERY quickly/easily), I do prefer the cooler temperatures over hot, humid, rather unpleasant weather conditions; and although I don’t drink tea, my mom is an avid tea-drinker (especially Earl Grey and Green Tea varieties) – she would love to have a little tea bag holder like the one you made. how cute!!! :0)

  6. Your tea bag is so cute!

    I love Chai Tea (but not the tea-bag kind). I’ll have to try the gingersnap tea…I love gingersnap cookies :)

    I like drinking iced tea, but really enjoy hot tea when the weather starts cooling down!

  7. I love tea, all kinds of tea, hot or cold, winter or summer. But I have to admit, I am partial to earl grey tea. I also love hot homemade chai with agave nectar and foamed soymilk. You are so right- it’s one of the lovelier aspects of cool weather. How cute is your teabag? If I see any more cuteness, my eyes might explode! =)

  8. My husband and I drink hot tea in Las Vegas in the middle of summer if that answers your question! It is cool now though, cold nights, perfect 70 degree days … my favorite tea is Good Earth’s White/Grean Tea, it is made with a hint of lemongrass that smells positively divine! But, this morning I am sampling some Green Ginger tea from Tazo, not bad.

    Love the tea bag!!

  9. I’m such an avid hot tea drinker! I usually drink green teas, on the proper side of “tea,” but I drink lots of herbal blends, as well. Rishi tea’s “Dream” blend has been accompanying me to bed time every day anymore!

  10. I guess I’m too predictable – iced tea in the warm weather and hot tea in the brisk and cold weather. I love green tea but my absolute favorite is white jasmine tea. If anyone knows where I can find some in a decaf variety, I’d love to hear about it!

  11. Have you had Jasmine green tea. It’s been my favorite since traveling to Charleston SC. It’s bouquet is simply amazing and it has a slight sweet floral note -very tasty.

  12. Ooooooh, I hope we get to meet tomorrow at VegFest- I didn’t realize you were in Boston!
    A bunch of PPK-ers are meeting up for dinner afterwards, it would be great if you could come, too. Email me if you want info. on that…

  13. I’m in for any kind of rooibush tea, but mostly from the tea-shops, becuse they just tend to be better. A big cup of hot rooibush… yum :)

  14. Oh my goodness that little tea bag you made is SO adorable!!! I’m a serious tea lover too so that makes me love it even more. :) I’m more of a hot tea drinker but I like iced tea too. I just feel weird having sugar in my iced tea, and I don’t like the taste of unsweetened iced tea. Unfortunately that means I don’t end up drinking much tea over the summer so I’ve started making iced tea every once in a while. It’s good when lightly sweetened. I don’t think I can pick a favourite tea – I’m addicted to trying every kind and flavour out there! Especially the flavoured ones. I have a really tasty lychee black tea and a tiramisu rooibos. Where do you get the gingersnap tea from?

  15. I’m a longtime drinker of hot tea but as someone who grew up in the South I also love iced tea with lots of fresh mint. This summer I’ve been loving Kukicha — Japanese green tea with stems — it has a nice bit of astringency. But now that it is finally colder I am leaning more towards genmai cha and hojicha (smoked). I also like herbal tisanes and spicy chai. And besides the lf, I just love the whole performance of brewing hot loose-leaf tea.

  16. Tea(my almost all time fav subject..lol)
    I love any loose tea(so it has to be hot) but it has to be GOOD, none of those swept up from the floor, left over bits of tea leaves..
    My fav flavour would be an orange spice(black tea with orange rind and sweet cinnamon)…I am currently OUT of it so will have to indulge myself this coming weekend…

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