We Have a Winner!

I guess I should have known better. Here I was, thinking that I had given you all a really tough image to decipher… and 30 minutes after posting it, in the very first comment, it was identified with ease. Jeez, I have no idea how to stump you for future contests! I guess this little event will need to go back to the drawing board… But for now at least, since it became immediately obvious so quickly, I treated this one more as a raffle and entered everyone who commented into a random drawing.

So without further ado, by using a random number generator and then selecting the corresponding comment, I’ve determined that the winner is… Kya! Congrats, your new puppy pal will be on his way soon!

Thanks to everyone else for your enthusiasm too. All I can say is… Next time I’ll have to do some different sort of contest!

7 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. I probably shouldn’t admit that I seem to be the only person on earth who did not know that was a pomegranate… :)

    Congratulations, Kya! He sure is an adorable puppy!

  2. Congratulations Kya! Hang onto that puppy – it may be worth something someday as it is made by our own little Hannah. ;) By the way, I like how you do the raffle thing Hannah – that way if we all can identify the picture but can’t all be at our computers to be the first correct guesser, we still get a chance to win. No complaints here. ;)

  3. Yay! Thanks so much, Hannah! My two little girls will LOVE having a new puppy to play with. Hopefully my dog Giles will welcome another canine into the pack happily. ;)

  4. Puppy arrived here yesterday and he’s SOOOO adorable! You should have seen the fight break out between my daughters when they saw him. They both wanted to play with him! I had to break out the timer to limit them to 2 minute turns with him each. He makes them so happy. :)

    Thanks, Hannah!

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