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With tight scheduling comes a degree of madness, as I’m quickly learning. It takes more than just a pair of fast legs and an eye on the clock to make it everywhere on time, and if you’re not at the top of your game, your consolation prize will be a door in the face. How cruel it is to have a teacher who locks the door on those poor students who had the misfortune of being just a minute or two behind schedule! Most offenses are forgivable – Late papers can generally be given extensions, confusion over the class material can be remedied by extra help after class – But arriving after class is slated to begin? The worst crime a student could commit in terms of their studies.

Of course, being conditioned with the saying that the “early bird catches the worm,” whether I try to not, I always manage to be the first person in almost every class, sometimes barging in a full 10 minutes early. Trust me, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but another 10 minutes that a typical college kid can sleep, scramble to finish forgotten homework, or maybe even take their first shower in weeks is absolutely invaluable. Thus my madness- Despite such a crazy time strain to get work done and make it to classes, I’m forced to slow down when trudging off to those dust-coated buildings with their ancient text books instead of picking up my pace.

Taking a “leisurely”stroll to Japanese Literature, trying to take in every last green leaf and ashen pebble so as not to arrive a full 15 minutes early, I spotted a surprising creature sniffing about in the midday sunlight the other day…

Very rarely do you see dogs on campus, and even more peculiar was the lack of collar or identification of any sort. Not the least bit shy, he bounded right over to where I stood, staring blankly with curiosity, jumping about enthusiastically and encouraging me to rain attention down on him. Naturally I obliged, but I couldn’t just pet the solitary pup and continue on my way with a clear conscience, not knowing whether he might have to spend the night in the dump or the pound. Luckily, a small margin of time remained, and I hurried him back to the safety of my room, set out a generous meal of whatever could be salvaged from the pantry, and ran off to my obligations.

Crazy and brazen move as that was, I simply wouldn’t feel satisfied leaving the sweet little fellow to fend for himself in the cold, cruel world out there. Unfortunately, this arrangement can’t last for long, since there’s a strict policy against pets in the dorm. Because of this, I need your help! Are you interested in adopting this adorable stray? He’s completely house broken, very loving, and definitely low maintenance. Just in case there is more than one interested foster parent, I thought I might make this into a contest, since it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m afraid this one will be much harder, but you guys are so smart, I’m going to change the rules a bit: Even if someone nails it, I want everyone to keep guessing, and I’ll put all of the correct answers in a hat and choose the winner at random. You will have until Saturday, September 22, 10 am EST to guess, so, can you tell me what this is…?

You can only make one guess, so make it count! Good luck!

37 thoughts on “Adoption Options

  1. I know! its a pomigranite. although did you want that mailed or commented… have I just ruined it for everyone else.

    I think your tallents are needed on ravelry. I was reading through some items in the forums and the idea came up for a BOB pattern. Not too disimilar to what you’ve done just there.
    I would happliy give this pup a loving home.

  2. pomingranit! And I know that I didn’t spell that one right!

    I hope school is going good for you! Keep smiling!

  3. oh man, I had no idea that it was that way for people who arrive late for class! how cruel is that?
    it’s a pomegranate! but I didn’t know and cheated on the people who answered first. ;p

  4. I thought that before I read the other comments!


    Oh well! Servers me right for being a smart arse and thinking noone else would get it!

    Glad you’re still enjoing school though!

  5. It does appear to be a delicious pomegranate!

    I’m another one who was always in class early, though. It’s such a shame I never ran into such an adorable campus visitor. :)

  6. yep, it’s a pomegranate – too bad I didn’t get a chance to check your blog until now! oh well – at least I won your very first contest :0)

    oh, that poor dog – I do hope he finds a good home!! he’s lucky to have found YOU in the mean time. let me know what happens!

  7. heh, I think you made it too easy on us. I stopped eating pomegranates out of laziness though – they just take too long! =)

  8. hmm, i can’t say that i’ve ever seen a pomegranate before… and pomegranate juice is so expensive at the grocery store that i’ve never tried it. are they good?

    i’m so glad our professors don’t lock the doors if you’re tardy! i’m always on time, but sometimes it requires some speedwalking. it does bother me when students (like this one guy in my classes) are ALWAYS late, though.

  9. It’s a pomegranate, and since everyone knows it so easily you should only choos from the ones with correct spelling! lol, I sure hope I spelled it right!

  10. I thought it was honeycomb at first, but I guess not given the general consensus!

    What are you reading in Japanese lit? And are you reading in Japanese or translation? I took Japanese lit at uni in my third year. We read in Japanese which was so difficult with the older stuff. All I remember now is Natsume Souseki’s ‘I am a cat’ and some of Haruki Murakami’s novels…. Alas, my Japanese is now beyond pathetic and I probably couldn’t even read a title!

  11. Pomegranate.. I sure hope so anyway.

    ^_^ The little puppy looks just like my Cavalier Candie. She’d sure get a kick out of a crocheted twin.

  12. This is going to sound ridiculous (maybe?) but I have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who I have had to leave at home in New Zealand, and I am here in London… (I wanted to pack her and bring her with me…

    If I could make a little mini-Lara to have me it would make my days a lot happier – would you be able to tell me where you got the pattern for the little dog at all, please?

    It would make this soppy person very happy!

    Have a great day,

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