Uh Oh…

Oh dear, I seem to have gotten into quite a tangle! More crafty and tasty post will be coming very soon though- As soon as I can get myself out of this mess.

[Pattern from MochiMochiLand]

12 thoughts on “Uh Oh…

  1. hope everything is okay, Hannah – give me a call soon, we haven’t chatted in a while!

    also, be sure to stop by my blog, since I posted my meme (the one you tagged me for).

  2. This would make a lovely child’s toy. Of course, if I’d tried making it I’d be in a tangle too – a tangle of yarn, that is! Hope all is well. Nice work again!

  3. I hope your tangle gets worked out. I personally find a great deal of satisfaction in untangling, after the frustation passes of course. And I love your “Uh-Oh’s”, well I love all if MochiMochi’s patterns! Still I feel the need to thank you, as you have inspired my next project. While looking at your little “Uh-Ohs” I was struck by your choice of colors, made me think of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Which led me to a Ying and Yang mentality. A black “Uh-Oh” and a white “Uh-Oh” locked together for all time. Okay, it’s a bit corny, but I’m still going to do it, so thanks for the idea!

  4. i love your uh-ohs! i’ve been eyeing that pattern for quite a while, but my knit toys never come out the way i want them to. i’m really curious about how these guys are constructed.

    i hope eveyrthing is ok… tangled messes are never much fun.

  5. Those are cute made in varigated yarn! Did you felt them? I test knit the pattern for Anna of Mochimochi Land a while ago and mine came out very felted (couldn’t see stitch definition anymore).

  6. Too cute! I checked out the pattern and love them!! The snake was funny, but I love the sausage dogs…hahahaha, too funny!

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