Cure for the Common Cola

Chemicals added in to foods, be it for freshness, color, or flavor, quite honestly scare me. Endless shelf lives and attractive facades certainly have their draws, but not for the price paid by the consumer. Artificial colors and dyes essentially come from gasoline- Why on earth would I want that in my body? Not once will you see a fake ingredient in any of my baking or cooking, and I make a point of purchasing the most wholesome packaged foods possible, although I will be the first to admit that the term “healthy processed foods” is almost always an oxymoron. Being so vehemently against these foreign substances, the last thing you would expect to find in my home would be a sizable collection of those franken-food products, residing quietly like live bombs just waiting to go off. And yet… My friends, I must admit- This is exactly the case. Cola, and especially diet cola is my guilty pleasure, so deadly addictive that not a day goes by that I can resist the cravings for that fizzy chemical cocktail.

Attempts to wean myself off of the questionable drink have all ultimately failed, and come noon time I’ll inevitably start seeking out my daily fix, going as far as it takes to satisfy the urge. Whole shopping trips have been orchestrated as an excuse to simply buy another case of the cold, metallic cans, loading up the shopping cart with fruits and veggies with only one real item on the grocery list: Soda. Yes, I know that other drinks are wonderful too- Tea is in an endless supply here and I would be nothing without a cup of coffee in the morning, but midday when I need just a tiny kick of caffeine and some sweet bubbles to tickle my taste buds, nothing else comes close to a tall glass of that brown, carbonated soft drink.

But tell me, doesn’t everyone have bad habits? Aren’t I allowed some downright non-nutritious, completely health-unconscious treats, too? Besides, on a hot summer day with no end in sight, you just can’t beat a frosty cola straight from the bottle. Maybe someday I’ll kick this craving, but for now… It could be much worse, don’t you think?

[Knit cola inspired by this pattern for a knit beer]

13 thoughts on “Cure for the Common Cola

  1. you aren’t alone. the fizzy goodness of a diet soda is a siren song to me as well. in the world of “better” more natural sodas, you must try Dr. Browns Cel Rey if you haven’t already. not too sweet, and with a real hint of celery flavor. yum.

  2. haha, this is cute – have you heard of Jones Soda? You can submit your own photography to the company, and they’ll turn it into a label for a 6-pack of the soda, and ship it to you – I’ve never done this (and I don’t drink any soda), but it sounds like a fun idea to have your own pictures on a bottle :0)

  3. Hannah, you are allowed to have a bad habit or two! It doesn’t bother us at all especially when you share you wonderful creations with us! This one is really cute – a totally harmless soda. Thanks again!

  4. hehe! top crochetage and great story again. Yes we all have vices its part of life. you’d be boring if you were perfect.

  5. Love it!! I know it’s not healthy for the baby, but I have been craving a coke for last 2 weeks. It somehow helps with my nausea. I have one during lunch so that I can tolerate my food. Before coke, it was gingerale and then it was apple juice. But now I can’t stand those beverages.

  6. I absolutely despise coke! Ever since I understood what coke was made of (when I was about 8) I haven’t even taken a little sip. Soda in general just disgusts me. There are yummier alternatives like Izze. Mmmmmm, Izze…

  7. Oh and diet is even worse than the original. It really freaks me out, what soda contains. CREEPY!

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