Puppy Love

Rising each morning to find a brightly shining sun already waiting to greet me, it’s hard to curl up on a chair with my knitting and stay indoors, let alone sleep in and stay in bed. While most people find summer vacation to be restful and relaxing, I’m discovering that I have even less time to just laze around, compelled by the energetic rays of sunshine pooling in through the kitchen windows, promising fantastic light to accomplish just about anything with. That’s not to say that all the light turns my brain only to work- Oh no, there’s nothing better than a mid-day berry-picking expedition, or a romp around the yard with good friends. As we enter these dog days of summer, the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit perfectly as I play catch with one of my canine acquaintances.

Youthful and full of spunk, I swear this young pup could chase after the same yellow sphere for days on end. Don’t let his size fool you either; When playing fetch with twigs, he’s been known to drag home enormous limbs that look like full tree trunks compared to him! Focused on the target, he faithfully returns whatever I throw his way, no matter the distance and mindful not of how far the mercury climbs as the sun continues to rise. Nothing could break his concentration. Nothing, except…

Momentarily loosing sight of the ball, he catches a glimpse of some ethereal beauty through the corner of his eye. What surreal apparition is this, this… phantom that managed to interrupt our game, despite all the enthusiasm this puppy exudes? Letting the ball drop out of his vice-like grip, it bounced dejectedly to a stop, becoming lodged in a perilously deep gopher hole. Forgetting that any game or play mate had ever existed, he turned his back on me to get a better look at this curiosity that so captivated his imagination. Watching helplessly, I could see my friend drifting away from me, both literally and figuratively.

But who could blame the young lad, faced by this dashing female dachshund with a gorgeous face and delicate ribbons garnishing long, curly hair? So love-stuck by this perfect pooch that he was practically drooling a river, I knew that he meant no disrespect by breaking up our fun, but was under the influence of a more heady desire. Bitten by the love bug a hundred times over, it was surprising that he didn’t barrel straight into her and whisk her off her four feet!

Unaware of all the attention being paid by my friend, the girl in question was occupied by her own feelings for this handsome dog she spied across the field. There’s no denying true love, and one look at these two confirmed that they were nothing short of a match made in heaven.

Sure, I’m plenty jealous and disappointed that he would abandon the playing field just like that, but I know that it’s more than just puppy loved that compelled him. I can see in their eyes how happy they are together, and I would only wish them the best. Besides, there’s plenty more fun to be had in the sun, indoors or out, maybe next time, they’d both like to join in, too!

13 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. aww, a classic “Lady and the Tramp” type puppy love – how sweet!! your craftsmanship on each of these pups is impeccable – I love the little details on their ears, and the girl’s bows :0)

  2. Adorable. Love how you got the dachshund’s colorings just right! Maybe these two will end up having their own litty bitty babies? ;)

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