Winged Wonders

Fluttering gracefully through the sky on wings so delicate that even a sheet of paper could trump their heft, butterflies are the creatures of stuff of myths, captivating endless poets, artists, and young girls looking to for a first tattoo. Admittedly, I’m not typically an out-spoken admirer of the colorful moths, as the popularity of their image makes them seem so common, so overexposed. But if you were to forget about the cheap drawings and awful love songs, nothing compares to seeing a real butterfly just an arm’s width away. Watching this fragile creature push its way through the air with such strength is truly an inspiring sight, no matter what you may or may not have already heard about them.

About this time of year, when the butterfly bushes start to bloom and winged insects of all shapes and colors start stopping in for spell, there is no denying what beauty nature is capable of. This, my friends, is the first butterfly of the season, and I happened to catch it on film. I’m still in awe that it stood still long enough to give me a clear shot, as though it were posing for its close up. One picture was all it wanted to surrender though, and as soon as the shutter had closed, my yellow butterfly was on the move again, soaring high above the trees, up and up and up until it disappeared from view. Wishing desperately for a working pair of wings so that I might see it just once more, I returned inside and sighed heavily, sad that the moment had been so fleeting.

Shifting the camera from hand to hand, unsure of where to go from there, I noticed that the vase of flowers sitting on the kitchen table somehow looked brighter, more colorful, more…


A live butterfly, nestled right there between the bright green stems had made itself right at home, no invitation necessary. Confused and disoriented, it took me a good five minutes to stop staring blankly and form some sort of comprehensive thoughts again. Far-fetched to be sure, the only possible scenario I could invent was that this must have been a friend of the one that got away, but she following me inside instead of going along with her companion. What a quick little devil to have slipped in the door without my knowing!

This little winged bug was much more tolerant of my camera-happy tendencies, staying put and showing off her best side like a true model. Although her patience soon ran out as well and she headed back through the open window, it was such a treat to get a close up of such an ethereal creature.  If ladybugs are supposed to be good luck, then butterflies must have some sort of mystical powers as well, because it takes more than just plain luck to get near two of them in one afternoon!

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