One Sweet Swap

Browsing through the blogosphere can be a very dangerous thing indeed, no matter what side of it you choose to delve into. Poke through a dozen food blogs and you’ll find yourself high-tailing it to the fridge, ravenous to taste some of the impressive culinary feats this skilled home cooks display. Investigate just as many craft blogs and instead you’ll be running for you wallet, chasing down some of the incredible hand-crafted goods being offered by some of those bloggers. I certainly know both of these dilemmas well from first-hand experience, and while it would be helpful to cut down the negative side effects from both of these sorts online explorations, but the expenses from impulse buys is perhaps most troubling at this point. Being able to boast of only a 9-hour work week at minimum wage, I have a hard enough time affording another skien of “super saver” acrylic yarn!

Luckily, bloggers are the kindest breed of humans that I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. After stumbling upon Clare‘s blog and online shop by chance one day, I knew that one of her adorable stuffed fruits was destined to find its way into my hands. Common sense prevented me from reaching for my credit card though, and instead I made a passing comment about how I would love to do a little swap for one of those hand-stitched beauties. Fearing that she wouldn’t want anything to do with my own creations I prepared for the worst, but to my delight, it took little persuasion to get the swap underway and let my poor checking account to recover from it’s previous expenditures!

From my own post office I sent out a crocheted cakelet, in a delicate palate of pastel pink and white, and topped with a “frosting” flower. Hoping that this variation on the first would please my gracious swap buddy, I wrapped the tiny package up and sent it out that very day, hoping desperately that this would make for an equal exchange.

Hearing that it had arrived safely and in record time, I was relieved that it seemed to be received well. When Clare’s side of the swap arrived in my box about a week later though, I was sure that I got the better end of the deal.

No, she didn’t send me a bowl of fresh strawberries- Take a closer look at the beautiful berry on top! The details in embroidery are just mind blowing, and all of the stitches look so perfectly even, it’s hard to believe that such a treasure was truly hand made. This is one sweet treat that defies all the dangers of blog-hopping; Enticing as it is, it didn’t make ravenously hungry, and it didn’t even empty out my wallet!

Thank you so much for swapping with me, Clare, your stuffed berry truly is a treasure!

3 thoughts on “One Sweet Swap

  1. What a lovely little strawberry!! I love its placement on the real berries in the picture. And I’m loving your newest little crocheted cake – I treasure the one you originally created (which I have the pleasure of owning now!! whoo hoo!! haha). And I agree about bloggers – all of my fellow bloggers are some of the nicest, most caring individuals I have been been lucky enough to “meet.” Such a great online community.

  2. YOU initiated a swap? Good for you!!! And it turns out that you were well rewarded for it!!! I’m glad that it worked out for you and that you shared both of your beautiful treasures with us! The pictures are great! ;)

  3. Hi Hannah,
    I love how you photographed the strawberry. I am so glad you are pleased with it. I have added a link to this post from my entry with the cakelet so that visitors can come and see your pictures, I think they are superb. I still struggle to get good pictures, I nearly always have trouble with the lighting.

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