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Itty Bitty Baked Goods


Now that school isn’t an obstacle that must be planned around, I would love to while away all my summer hours getting better acquainted with my oven. Unfortunately, although time is no longer an issue, I simply haven’t had enough visitors or events to justify the production of the elaborate cakes or pastry creations I’m so eager to experiment with. Still, the show must go on all the same- How else would I continue writing new recipes? That’s why I’ve discovered the wonder that is known as small batch baking, and tiny cakes amounting to barely a tablespoon of batter each have been flying from the kitchen in record numbers. Appealing like a little cupcake but with all the charm of a standard layer cake, the temptation to neglect standard cakes is truly had to resist when faced with an army of these diminutive confections.

Don’t bother cutting yourself a slice, or even picking up a fork for that matter; It’s already the perfect size for one big bite! As you can see, I got out a big stack of plates for everybody to share, but the other tiny treats were just so enticing, I’m afraid that my voracious sweet tooth managed to spare only this little chocolate and strawberry cakelet. But don’t fret, I still want to share this remaining sweet treat with you! That’s right, it’s time for a contest, and the prize is this miniature crocheted cake right here. All you have to do is be the first person to guess exactly what this is a picture of:


Try to be as specific as possible, because the prize will go to whoever is the absolute closest before July 4th, at which time I will announce the winner. I know you guys are really quick, so I’m not giving any hints!

Good luck, I hope to see a guess from everyone!

EDIT: Wow, I really underestimated you guys! I would have to say that VeggieGirl takes the cake with the very first guess! Although they’re actually Joe-Joe’s and not Oreo-brand oreos, she’s still dead on, even going as far to recognize them as the same cookies I used on my Father’s birthday cake! Truly amazing… Next time, I suppose I’ll have to make this a whole lot harder!


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

15 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Baked Goods

  1. would the treat in the picture happen to be the Golden Oreo® sandwich cookie, which has a white cream filling (and is surprisingly vegan)?


  2. a tea buscit/cookie!! looks good what ever it is!!!


  3. if my guess (above) wasn’t specific enough, I know you used these Golden Oreos® for the birthday cake for your dad, in this post:


  4. Is it the Nabisco Cameo cream cookies?


  5. It is a golden oreo. Veggiegirl must win!


  6. Oh, if only I’d seen this post sooner! I was going to guess the Trader Joe’s vanilla oreos.



  7. yay!! I’m excited :0)


  8. well, that was the quickest contest ever :). I enjoyed looking at those cookies too.


  9. Congrats, Veggiegirl, you quick thinker you!


  10. aw the little cake is really cute.
    i made a similar one for my mom


  11. I would lose: thought it was shortbread..
    I will have to visit more frequently!


  12. i like those plates. they’re very pretty. i want my china to be mismatched and selected individually (fitting a theme) from thrift storers, yard sales, and the like. this pattern reminds me of what i want.


  13. Yummie, looks very sweet


  14. Do you have any patterns to share for all the cute baked goods and other food crochet patterns? I just love them! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful work!




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