Tea Party Faux-Pas

Parties have never been my forte, since I’m always scared to death of saying something stupid or embarrassing myself by doing something terribly clumsy, like tripping over the host’s dog or small child. Absurd to contemplate aloud, but perfectly plausible in the moment. Smaller misgivings like poor manners occupy my mind endlessly as well, for what if I offend someone by putting my elbows on the table? Slurping soup? Chewing loudly? Luckily, when in the company of good friends, all these minor sins are forgiven or overlooked out of kindness.

For those who aren’t exactly social butterflies, like myself, I would definitely suggest starting slow in a comfortable setting like this. That’s why I’m such a huge advocate for informal gatherings for just a few hours; Tea parties are really underrated for this sort of occasion, if you ask me. Don’t think that this route is for you? Well, I was a bit skeptical at first, but how beautifully such an arrangement worked out for a cozy group of friends just the other day.

Enjoying each other’s company without a worry in the world, this is how parties should always be. Yammering away about whatever came to mind first, no subject was taboo in this circle, and not a hurt feeling was to be found. For an hour or so things progressed swimmingly like this, but then I noticed Mr. Mouse growing impatient, his eyes straying towards the luscious pie before him more and more often. Berries glistening in the sun, tender crust begging to be cut, it could arouse the appetite of even the most modest eater, and clearly it had caught this hungry rodent’s attention. Soon his voice dropped out of the conversation altogether, and before I knew it…

Mr. Mouse had forked the pie.

Shoveling in one giant, dripping mouthful of fruit and pastry, an awkward silence ensued, as the rest of us looked on in surprise. A tense moment passed… And we all burst into raucous laughter at our companion’s new berry-based face paint. Smeared all around his lips, he looked like a clown with poor make-up skills, but he was happy as could be despite his ridiculous appearance. Thankful to have friends unafraid to be themselves, what would have been an atrocious faux-pas elsewhere became harmless entertainment between the four of us.

If only family members were that forgiving, too!

[Pattern for all three critters was modified from a cat toy pattern found here.]