A Shoulder to Lean On

Long hours spent pounding away at the keyboard may seem harmless enough, but eventually even the most agile joints will begin to complain. Beginning as a nagging, dull stiffness, no one ever takes heed of the first warning signs, thinking nothing of this mild discomfort. Just one more paragraph to type, one last email to send off into the void of cyberspace, a few more minutes of flailing fingers couldn’t possibly hurt, right? Ordinarily I would agree, but after being glued to my own set of lettered keys for enough time to see the sun rise and set in a single sitting, my aching wrists beg to differ. Observing the protest of severely cramping muscles, I can’t help but wonder how so many other people spend what seems to be the entire day on their computers with the threat of a similar pain always looming!

Reaching the end of my rope in the middle of a long essay put off until the last possible minute for class, the last thing I wanted to see was the demanding rubric laying nearby, clearly informing me that there were still at least 800 words missing from my paper before it could be considered complete. Clutching a bit over-dramatically at my burdened wrist, I was already brainstorming excuses as to why I was unable to finish such an important factor in my overall grade. Without a second glance at the tortuous assignment, I turned to walk away, but spotted a familiar feline moseying towards me at just that instant.

Never one to let others give up when the going get tough, my four-legged friend nuzzled up against the edge of my abused keyboard, urging me to press onward. Surprised by her enthusiastic support, I tentatively moved back into position, discovering that leaning on her back really did take a good deal of the pressure off!

How lucky I am to have such devoted friends around to lean on when I need help! Thanks to this selfless individual, I’m happy to report that by the time my class rolled around the next day, I was able to triumphantly place my fully typed paper in the teacher’s expectant hands. Hopefully the efforts made on both of our behalves will be reflected in my final grade…

Still grateful to have such a cool cat around, it was hard to part when the time came to say good bye. Though I still miss her, I’m placated by the knowledge that she’s in a good home now, hopefully supporting another friend in times of need.

7 thoughts on “A Shoulder to Lean On

  1. EEeeee!!!!!! I know that kitty!! And never you fear, she is absolutely adored and always eager to lend her support!

  2. Ah, that’s so awesome! I really need to make one of those. I spend way too much time on the computer (for school and of course distraction from school) and it kills my already half-way-to-carpal-tunnel wrist. That’s such a clever (and adorable) solution.

  3. Dude, your wrists hurt because you CROCHET so much… especially since you’re leaving your papersuntil the last minute.

    Alas, i remember the procrastination. It seemed that the best projects came in the last seconds.

    Why type now when you can type later?

    Now where is my crochet hook??

  4. I love this! I need one – what a great idea, as usual! I have been away from computer and blog-land for a week and am so happy to be back, because i can read about such great projects like this one. Great job!

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