A Soured Supply

Mother nature can be a fickle woman, indeed. Warm and welcoming one moment, cold and forbidding the next. Seductively hinting at a mild winter leading into an early spring, countless ill-prepared farmers were snared in her trap recently. Teaming up with her mischievous sidekick, Jack Frost, it takes only the most innocent drop in temperature to turn into a deathly freeze for any outdoor plants. Such was the case this year in America’s prominent citrus-growing regions, stealing away all of our lovely tangerines and brilliant oranges. Sure, they’re still available if you hunt hard enough… And pay a substantially higher amount than for your typical seasonal fruit.

It may taste like a sour defeat, but there are still ways around it for the enterprising person. On high alert during every shopping expedition, I jumped at any fruit in the citrus family that didn’t have a price tag comparable to that of a brand new car. Although it may not look like very much, I do return victorious every now and then – Just check out my most recent steal!

Along side the grapes and less-perishable fruits in our crisper lay one each of an illusive lemon and lime, nestled comfortably into the controlled environment of the fridge. No, I didn’t manage to snag the much sought after oranges, a fact that I bemoan regularly as I look upon the meager selection on display at our wimpy local market. This should be their time in the sun! It’s a grave injustice I tell you!

At the very least, my palate won’t have to be deprived of all flavors bearing the sour notes citrus, having secured such enticing specimens from the other areas of the spectrum. If you’re aching for that distinct kick as well, you can knit your own lemon and / or lime from the simple pattern found on PeachCake Knits.

3 thoughts on “A Soured Supply

  1. Those are awesome! Are they going to make their way to “the office” so I can play with them at my next appointment? :)

  2. I saw these at the office last night! They are so soft! I also brought her two of the bon bons – she was very impressed with them! By the way, I have been getting your e-mails – guess you have not been getting my replies though! Will try to re-send my e-mails to you :)

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