Fauxstess, To the Extreme

Lately, it’s been very difficult to think of new food-related patterns. Every time I think I might have something totally unique and exciting, a brief internet search will turn up numerous other patterns for the same exact thing, and prove me dead wrong. It’s also been tough trying to think of more functional items, seeing as I’m beginning to run out of floor space as my pile of animals and things continue to grow at a somewhat disturbing rate.

I don’t know why, but my mind kept wandering back to cupcakes. Yes, I know, it’s already been done in both knit and crochet, many times, but… There’s something so intriguing about that shape, something so inspiring. In that same sort of vein, I came up with a small spin off on the cupcake-hat idea. Hostess anyone? Or should I say, Fauxstess?

The knitting the hat itself is very simple, it’s really the icing squiggle on top that pulls it all together at the end. I also knit this hat a bit on the shorter side, so feel free to add extra rows to the ribbed area to increase the length.


With #8 (US) DPNs and black worsted weight yarn, CO 80 and distribute among needles.

Knit 4 x 1 ribbing (k4, p1) around until length from the CO edge measures approximately 11 cm (or to your preference.)

When you reach your desired length, knit 2 rows even.
K8, K2tog*
K 2 rounds even
K7, k2tog*
K 1 round even
K6, k2tog*
K 1 round even
K5, k2tog*
K 1 round even
K4, k2tog*
K 1 round even
K3, k2tog*
K2, k2tog*
K1, k2tog*

(* Repeat until you reach the end of that round)

Cut yarn, tie off, and weave in ends.

For the icing, CO 3 in white and knit an I-cord for approximately 24 inches, or until you’re happy with the width of squiggles that it will create when applied to the top, straight across right at the edge of where the ribbing ends. Once you reach the end of your I-cord, k3tog and leave a long tail. I suggest you pin it in place before you begin sewing it, so that you can ensure even loops.

Now you can knit your cake and wear it too!

15 thoughts on “Fauxstess, To the Extreme

  1. This is such an adorable hat–and a great new food pattern!

    It’s December 10th (talk about 11th hour!) and I’ve decided to make hats for everyone for Christmas. I’ll give this a try–it’ll be perfect for my niece!

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    Liz :^D

  2. Hey! I love this, but can’t crochet, a basic black hat isn’t a problem to whip up, but, what (if anything :) ) can you suggest for the squiggles that a crocheter like myself can do?

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