Chipper Chihuahua

I would love to take care of some breed of tiny dog some day, but I’m afraid that I would never be able to keep up. Little dogs have so much energy, I’m sure I would tire out long before they would. I’m lucky that my own companion has settled down a bit after leaving the hyperactive puppy years, but every now and then, she can go a bit crazy. Usually if there is ever an issue involving food, going for a walk, or seeing other animals, she will run around, moaning and whimpering as though she had rabies.

But today, the crazy dog I’m thinking of is a whole lot smaller, and happens to be composed of the fiber of the gods: Acrylic yarn.

He would barely sit still long enough for me to tie on his very stylish bandana, wanting to explore every corner of the house and attack any foreign invaders, IE, anything that moved. I couldn’t even figure out where he had gone at first, until the high-pitched alarm coming from his tiny voice box reactivated after he had found a very threatening flower pot on the table.

Fearing for the flowers’ well being, I quickly scooped the ancy pup off the table and took him outside to calm down a bit. Saying that this didn’t work would be a gross understatement. Climbing onto the porch railing, I watched in wonderment as he preformed some crazy balancing act across the length of it. There was no stopping the ball of energy; The least I could do was hope he didn’t hurt himself or anything else.

After this whole ordeal, I feel so very thankful that my non-acrylic puppy is typically so sedate. In fact, I think I’d like to go take a short nap with her right now, and forget I ever thought I wanted anything different.

4 thoughts on “Chipper Chihuahua

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeee! He looks like a male (and yarn…) version of my Zoe! CUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!! I love all of your animals, but I must say this is my favorite!

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