Knitting With Gratitude

A couple weeks ago now, seemingly out of the blue, Eva emailed me to say that she was preparing to part with some of her crafting books, and would I like any? As if that’s really a question. I was so taken aback by her kindness, I couldn’t believe I could get these mint-condition texts for free. I thanked her profusely and waited, expecting the books to take their sweet time in arriving, considering the expense of shipping heavier items quickly, especially across the border.

Hardly a week had past when I was surprised by a phone call from the post office, asking for someone to pick up a package that had my name on it. What a shock! I rushed down to discover a large bundle containing all sorts of goodies.

The two largest books in that pile were the ones I had picked from the line up in a photo Eva sent me via email. I was completely beyond myself when I pulled those out, and yet there were still books in the over-sized manila envelope! In addition, 3 various Japanese craft books had been included, as well as some really spiffy jewelry made of telephone keys! Talk about winning the lottery here!

Although she insisted nothing was required in return, I felt obligated to send some sort of thank you after having received such a generous gift. So I picked up my yarn and did what I know best.

Not just any stuffed animal would do, so I figured that a crocheted bunny that was in the act of knitting would be rather fitting. I had trouble making the tiny scarf at first, because the thin metal posts kept on bending out of shape after just one row. After some trial and error, I finally found my brain and set about knitting it on size 0 needles, and then I transferred it over to the miniature set the bunny would hold.

I still don’t know that I’ve fully paid Eva back, I feel so indebted to her kindness. I rarely have enough money left over after buying yarn to afford any actual craft books, which is why I usually use the free ones found online. This was such a treat, I can’t wait to clear some time and work through every last page!

4 thoughts on “Knitting With Gratitude

  1. i’ve been lurking around your blog for a while now, occasionally snitching some recipes (by the way, my [non-vegan] mom loooved the biscottis. i did too.) and i think all the jewelry you make is really awesome, and i can’t find anything like it (or anything that i even like) anywhere.

    sooo i was wondering if you would ever consider making some more pieces and selling them, because i, for one, would totally buy them.

  2. *Where* did you ever get the idea to crochet these amazing little creatures? They’ll clearly all your original work — and I’ve never seen *anything* quite like them anywhere.

    I’m really impressed at the detail and form of these little guys…and should you ever feel the need to mentor someone, I’m available! :)

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