My Own Personal Hell[o Kitty]

No, there wasn’t anything remotely frustrating or hellish about this project, but I just felt the need to play with words in the lamest way possible. Now that I’ve done so, I’m ready to move on to the actual content of this post!

Okay, so who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? My own facination with this imaginary feline used to be far more intense in my younger years, but I will admit to still owning a fair number of t-shirts with her likeness printed on them. It’s just so cute, how could anyone resist? Just about all of my friends and even much of my family loves Sanrio as well, even if it’s not a specific preoccupation with Kitty. Why is it that absolutely everything created by the Japanese is so much cuter than anything other nations are capable of producing?

Anime and general Japanese pop culture is becoming increasingly popular lately, but Hello Kitty has got to be one of the most recognizable characters of our generation, right up there with (Barf) Ronald McDonald and even Santa Claus. Seriously, there’s no escaping this icon! Even at Joanne’s Fabric, they have a whole section dedicated to Sanrio merchandise.

Sadly, even the smallest Hello Kitty items such as stationary and pens tend to cost a couple more dollars than I’m really happy parting with. How lucky was it when I stumbled upon this huge file of various patterns involving the famed cat? Most are for stuffed animals, but I was particularly taken with the concept of a Kitty-head purse, and thus, my imitation was born. The angle of this picture isn’t the best, so in case you’re not so sure, those are cherries with the stems tied in a bow secured below her ear.

I would happily point the way to that treasure chest of crochet patterns, but I feared that it would be deleted (Uploading all of those copyrighted images must be illegal…) so I saved them to my computer with haste. They still may exist somewhere out there, but I just couldn’t say where for sure… Sorry!

7 thoughts on “My Own Personal Hell[o Kitty]

  1. dear bittersweet, it’s such a pleasure visit your blog everyday, i like your interpretations of such different themes – the clever side of everyday things
    brava! :-)

  2. I would love to have this hello kitty pattern. I’m having a hard time finding hello kitty crochet patterns. Could you tell me how to get this pattern. Thank you so much!!! Heidi

  3. bittersweet, i’ve been eyeing your blogs for a while now..and ooh & ahhh. you do great work..very generous with your instructions, too! i love this hello kitty purse. my daughter, needless to say, is in raptures! lots of good karma your way!!!

  4. Can you email me about Hello Kitty Patterns?? I am very interested and yet have not found much out there myself. Although I do have some interesting things for trade.
    Thanks for the info and GREAT purse you made!

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