If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Part II

Not very long after creating my blue rodent a few weeks ago, I was talking with my sister about her own [real] rodent. Not a mouse like my crocheted pal, but a chinchilla named Milo, to be precise. She mentioned that Milo seemed to be sluggish and depressed lately, blaming the lack of activity and extrapolating to assume that he was probably feeling lonely. He has a whole playground of toys and practically a buffet of foods to choose from, but with my sister in classes for much of the day, he still spends many hours alone, with no playmate to keep him company.

Finding a second chinchilla is pretty much out of the question, since Milo himself is technically not even allowed inside my sister’s college dorm room. It was a covert mission to just get him in – Packed into his blue run-around ball, placed inside a bag along with toiletries, and covered with clothing, carried very quickly into the building. Oh, and just as an aside, after all this hard work to make the living situation with Milo possible, it would be just crushing for him to be discovered. He’s very much loved for by my sister, so I’m entrusting this information to you, my faithful blog readers, to keep this information between us!

Since I can’t stand being helpless when others are unhappy, I did the only thing I really know that almost always succeeds in cheering people up – Crochet a gift for them! So I set off to make an acrylic-based companion.

No, it’s not the same as a beathing, scurrying, trouble-maker like Milo himself, but I still hoped that maybe it could offer some amount of comfort.

Constructed in pink this time, Millie is meant to be a faux-girl friend of sorts. She was very nevous before meeting this strapping young chinchilla she had hear so much about, so she asked (Of course) for a cookie to settle the butterflies in her stomach. Having learned from past experiences with a certain mouse, this time I carefully picked out and served her one sugary morsel and reserved the remainder of the opened package for later.

Millie gulped down her treat with glee, faster than you could blink, and before I knew it…

She had taken the entire supply of cookies hostage! It all happened so quickly, I barely had time to even comprehend what had transpired! Yet again, I failed to maintain authority with just a simple mouse! How embarrassing. By the time the sugar reached her blood stream, Millie was already flying around the room, cruising on her sugar rush. Thanks to this little stunt, we had to wait around even longer before introducing the two, for fear that Milo would think she was some spastic psycho and reject her on the spot.

Now about a month after Millie’s first date jitters and the whole cookie incident, I’m pleased to report that the two are living very happily together. Milo even felt comfortable enough to take a few liberties when it came to redesigning Millie’s basic pattern – Apparently, there were far too many stitches, so he felt it necissary to remove a few with his sharp teeth.

Ah well, as long as he’s content.

3 thoughts on “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Part II

  1. I’m glad Milo likes his new girl, it was sweet of you to introduce them. Chinchillas are adorable and I’ve often wondered at their potential as a pet.

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