Tying Up Loose Ends

After having recently splurged on yarn as if there was no tomorrow, I [Like any seasoned knitter / crocheter] find myself only wanting more. So many lonely partial skeins wait patiently in my closet, begging for a second chance to create something marvelous. How hard it is to find adequate projects to finish out a ball of half-used yarn without still leaving extra, or running out and then needing of buy yet another whole skein to finish! Both completely defeat the purpose of stash busting, the subject of much ranting and frustration from me. I’m sure I’ve already beaten this particular issue to death, it just keeps on nipping me in the butt as the piles grow larger while the uses continue to diminish.

Turning once more to the .pfd of lacy hair tamers from Interweave, I found that the shorter pattern for a bun holder / cover was small enough that it could most likely take care of one tiny ball of colorful scraps I had been harboring for an extensive amount of time. This was yarn I found so lovely, it had been impossible for me to waste even as inch of it. I don’t even remember what brand it is or when I first got it. The only detail I know for certain is that it’s made of cotton, and quite a sight to behold.

This mysterious cotton yarn complied with my manipulations with delight, forming into graceful swatches of lace as it moved back and forth between my needles. I’m afraid that it may have been a little bit thicker than what the pattern had called for, but the end product only came out slightly bigger than was the accompanying picture modeled. Screw accuracy if “perfection” means compromising your choice in yarn.

As my luck seems to have left me lately, I expected something to go terribly wrong. I had visions of the tiny stitches flying off those cruel metal needles, yarn helplessly tangled around itself… But the disaster never occurred. Instead, it managed to manifest itself in (What else?) an only smaller ball of left over scrap yarn. There’s just no winning, I tell you.