Oh, Baby

A friend of my sister’s is due in November, and being the resident knitter, I feel obligated to make something for the incoming baby. I’m more than happy though, since I get so few opportunities to break out the cutsie patterns, and they tend to be some of the cutest out there. It’s so unfair to us non child-bearing people! Not that I even really like kids… I just enjoy knitting for them.

Last time I cast on for an expectant mother, I was new to the field and attempted baby booties… Which I later learned were too small; The new born turned out to be a bit larger than it was original assumed. I was still promised that the booties would be put to good use nonetheless… As Christmas tree ornaments instead.

Not wanting to knit unwearable garments for a second time, I settled this time on the bunny hat from Stitch and Bitch Nation. This is a pattern I had been dying to make for the longest time, but at the time I first saw it, I hadn’t known enough about patterns to be able to alter it for a larger head, and then promptly forgot about it, lacking any baby to knit for.

The design is absolutely irresistible – I’m dying to see little Skylar wearing it when she finally emerges from the womb. I did remove the face, though. After going through all the trouble of embroidering the eyes, whiskers and mouth, I determined that I really can’t embroider, and wasted no time in cutting it all out. Oh, and I decided against the I-cord ties, just because I wasn’t really feeling up to all that bland, monotonous knitting when it looked perfectly fine without them.

Until Skylar is avaliable to photograph, I’ve made use of a smiley face balloon to model her hat. I hope she’s just as smiley when she recieves it!

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